Formula 1-GP ESPA 2024: Sainz, lightning in montmel: fastest in Free Practice 3


Formula 1-GP ESPA 2024: Sainz, lightning in montmel: fastest in Free Practice 3

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CArlos Sainz, who has always scored points in Spain, with Toro Rosso, Renault, McLaren and Ferrari, But having never stepped on the podium, he wants to do it in a big way on Sunday, in his farewell to Ferrari. Very good on Friday, with all the vehicles, much better today, determine the best time In the third free with 1: 13.013, for the superstitious, warning that he was going to the pole. And on Sunday for the victory he resisted at Maranello for 11 years, precisely with Fernando Alonso. Ah nothing.

The Spanish Grand Prix should be renamed the convergence race, because here Ferrari returned from wherever he left, Mercedes found what it had lost months ago and Red Bull and McLaren remained on top. As a result, four drivers are in just 74 miles: Carlos, Norris, Leclerc and Verstappen.

Although we will see how Monaco, which had an additional end to the session, like Hamilton, remains the last with a walk, While Charles V. Norris who seems to have rammed wheel to wheel was annoyed that he felt blocked. A sense of self-righteousness that does not go well with Formula 1 and for which he can be punished.

The battle for the pole will be a heart-stopping, It can be decided by the wind blow , the minimum correction, the details, Certainly far from the half-second that Verstappen won in 2023. Don’t be an ace this time.

Not to mention that Russell and Hamilton are joining the party in Spain, as they seem to have unlocked the potential of the car at the beginning of the season. “We didn’t see how stupid she was,”says James Allison, the head coach of the team.

Verstappen, who went two races in a row without a pole, He has been nervous all weekend, this is the fourth but he has spent the whole day preparing the ‘setup’, even calibrating the clutch for the start of the morning, an aspect in which he also has problems. The thing is that he is doing everything right, but he still does not go to sea, he has returned several times from the front wing, so he is still looking for the best ‘preparation’ to attack the pole this afternoon.

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