Formula 1: “at Ferrari we hated Vettel”


Formula 1: “at Ferrari we hated Vettel”

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Sebastian Vettel is a pain in Ferrari. In the years when he was driving for Red Bull the rivalry was the limit and his signing was a surprise. When he joined the Italian team he won the hearts of all tifosi and their engineers and mechanics, and despite He has never won a World Championship in red, he is considered a legend in Scuderia.

The German left his mark on all the teams he passed through. His characteristic personality did not go unnoticed and the people who worked with him have great appreciation for him. Ruth Boscombe, Explained the head of strategy and engineer who has worked in many Formula 1 teams, such as Sauber, Ferrari and Alfa Romero What opinions did they have inside the tetracampen team before signing him.

Obviously, the rivalry was the maximum. Vettel won four World Championships in a row in which two of these Ferrari came second. Boscombe started at Maranello in 2012, when Sebastian was at Red Bull and said that They had a certain anger: “Me and the finger were the worst. It was very good. He was the ultimate contender, but at Ferrari we hated that guy.”This refers to the legendary and distant celebration that he had when he won.

Me and the finger were the worst. At Ferrari we hated that guy

Ruth Boscombe, former head of strategy at Alfa Romeo

From hated to loved

In 2015, the German Fisch explained to Ferrari and Boscombe that it was a surprising thing , because forOr he hated so much , but that everyone was excited to sign: “We are very excited about the fact that he is joining Ferrari. Namely, his character at short distances made everyone around him appreciate him very much: “I didn’t know at that moment that he would become some kind of important person in my life, my friend. Besides, he gives very good advice about life and puts snacks on board, which is what you want in a human being. But the picture, it was really special, ” the engineer added.

We were very excited about the fact that he joined Ferrari

Ruth Boscombe

“I can’t say enough good things about SEB, as a human being, as a driver. I couldn’t imagine 10 years after I met him and announced his retirement”. The opinion that The majority of mechanics and engineers who have worked with L agree, Which shows what kind of athlete and person Vettel was.

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