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Fire / brand name

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Ecuador at the European Championship and the San Juan festival burned to different degrees some of the Champions of the German championship. The International Brigades did not sense that the Spanish selection would be the best in the first stage of the tournament. Above Germany, who is tied in the last play to be the leader; from Italy, who is the same in the last action to survive ; from

England, who suffered a draw with Denmark; Portugal, who suffered a defeat by the Czech Republic; France, was drawn by Poland and overtook in the group Austria.

What can I say about the Death group of Spain, which once achieved qualification with 9 out of 9 impressive goals and zero against became the lucky group.

As soon as the national team beat Croatia, they became pensioners; they danced against Italy and talked about the worst Azzurra of the XXI century; and when they beat Albania with Team B, Silvinho’s fighting pupils were underestimated.

Staying first sends us to a terrible picture:

In kestavos we may have the worst opponent of the Eighties: Belgium. In quarters, the worst quarters: Germany. In the semifinals, the worst of the semi-finals: Portugal or France.
Meanwhile, Invictus de la Fuente, as strong as vinegar and as calm as a Linden, connects matches with restraint, without ladders of irritation, no twitch of tension, to return the message of the ambassador of all the sensitivities of Spain.

It’s no nonsense to think about a similarity with the germ of 2008.

Unai gives security to those Casillas who threatened Victor Valdes. Laporte and Le Normand perform at the level of Puyol and Marchena. Carvajal is like the best bouquet. Coccorella is at the Capdevilla level. Fabien and Rhodri do not detract from chubby and Chavi. Pedret looks like that Iniesta. Lamine and Nico are as dangerous as Silva or villa. Morata scores like Torres. Louis is Louis.

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