FIFA approves League matches to be played outside the PAS system


FIFA approves League matches to be played outside the PAS system

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Total turn to the panorama of the league championship of each bass, Since the FIFA Council agreed that from the next season, some matches of domestic tournaments can be played outside the above-mentioned state borders, which was banned by FIFA. The same does not happen with the Super Cup, a competition that several countries, including Spain, have been playing outside our country since 2019.

In this way, Infantino and his team open the door for leagues such as the Liga or the English Premier League to play matches in other countries. A few years ago, the leaders of FIFA and Javier Tebas were at odds for this reason, but the rules were clear and the league championship had to be held at all times within the country of origin.

Tebas recently realized that the idea of playing in Miami still exists, Something that can become a reality once I’ve received the photo from FIFA. The English Championship is also dealing with the idea, but with a very broad plan, studying the enjoyment of matches in the USA, Brazil, Indonesia or India.

Liga arrives to schedule Espoo championship match in Miami. The clash pitted Barcelona and Girona against each other, but in the face of FIFA’s threat of a penalty and the opposition of several Spanish teams, the option came to nothing. Everything indicates that soon we will be able to see the Liga match in Miami, an idea that Tebas always had in his head.

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