F. oshtima J. oshlev extends her streak with silver at the World Cup in Lonato


F. oshtima J. oshlev extends her streak with silver at the World Cup in Lonato

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Ochtima G. ochelvezHe won the silver medal at the lunato World Cup, Where just a month earlier, the Spaniard along with her compatriot Alberto Fern ermendez were declared European champions. The Olympic shooter fell behind the Slovak Zuzana Rehak-stefsikova, Which ended 50 organizational goals above the Spaniard with a score of 45 broken boards compared to 41 from Cordoba.

Spanish, Olympic gold in mixed teams in Tokyo with Vern ochendes, Adds its second factory in the finals of the World Cup in 2024, after obtaining the metal in the last competition held in Cairo. The latter is his twenty-fourth medal at the World Cup

J. ermelweis was a constant in the final. I started with an error in the first round of five, Two in the second and fourth and another in the fifth, which allowed him to advance , despite the presence of She began to lose strength in front of the Slovak Susanna Rehak stefsikova, Which was the best in the ranking.

The Spanish shooter was infallible in the next two. After securing the medal, then consolidating it before Elimination of Australian Catherine Skinner, who closed the podium with bronze with 31 plates And gold was played against the Slovak, whose advantage was already very wide.

In the male category, Alberto Verne ochendez, Which was also declared to be Continental champion Last month and By this he received a certificate of Olympic qualification, He fell one board short of entering the final with a score of 120 and finished in sixteenth place. Joan, your neighbor, Irma And Ander ercesjarek Irma They were nineteenth and Twentieth with 119.

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