Euro 2024: the reasons for Grealish’s exit from the euro


Euro 2024: the reasons for Grealish’s exit from the euro

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We just felt that the other players had a stronger seasonEspecially in the last six months, ” he claimed Southgate, The England manager, when questioned by Descartes, By these football players , including Jack Grealish, Which I left from European Cup Just one week from the start.

We just felt that the other players had a stronger season


A hard blow. Anime stick, another one for Jack, A football player has had a hard time this season. “They are devastated because they were excluded from the team. We are very close as a group.”, Confirm Declan Rice, English international and one of Grealish’s best friends. As reflected Jack’s state of mind, Who played with Three Lions The The Qatar World Cup and the previous European Championship.

They were ruined because they were excluded from the team

Declan Rice

Some covers of the press in England

Jack, 28 years old, This campaign was not the unbalanced player From past times. He had some flashes, But he showed himself more irregular , moreover, they have Hit injuries. In the green it did not shine. Hardly Three goals and one assist With Manchester City in Premier League.

He was not a fixture in the pep eleven. In the English Championship, 10 starts and 10 matches in which she took the field from the bench. 1003 minutes in total. Very little for a football player who has been called up to make a difference. Data service: I played only 10 minutes in the five matches for the citizens in May.

Grealish’s premiership figures are 23-24


Everything started to go well at the end of last year. Beyond football, more important than the ball is the human being. Grealish’s personal life turned upside down in 2023. In the The last days of DecemberThey robbed his house with his family inside while he was playing against Everton in Liverpool. One of the worst moments of his life , a drama that, obviously, It left consequences at all levels.

It was a painful experience for everyone


“It was a painful experience for everyone , but I am We are very thankful that no one was hurt.”, Write in a message I posted on Instagramr Instagram “The people who commit these terrible crimes have no idea about the damage they are causing to people’s lives .”

Then the injuries

In the latter half of the year, Southgate refers to the justification of his absence from the EuroCup. To the six months that have passed since then Theft From his home to the present. After human pain, football damage will come. To the emotional is added the physical.

The City beat FC Copenhagen (1-3) The first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League was packed by Lesin de grillich, Which was barely 21 mins On the pitch. He tried to continue, but they stopped him. “I want to stay on the field , but we will not take any risks”, Deca by that time Guardiola. It was February 13th.

He hasn’t been down for a long time and, After only 15 days, Pitcher against Luton Town In the FA Cup, another match He had to give up In advance. It was replaced by Jeremy Doku in the 38th minute. Another stick.“Hopefully my injury isn’t too bad.”, I wrote at that time Jack on his social networks. It was on February 27th.

Grealish’s figures in the Champions League are 23-24

‘Forgotten’ at the final stage

Another barn for recovery. It has already been renewed , in mid-April, He was a key player in both the first leg and the second leg From the Champions League quarter-finals against Real Madrid. But after She disappeared again From Manchester City and I barely acted at the end of the course. Slovakia pitcher 10 minutes Against Wolverhampton in Last five matches From the ‘citizens’ in May. He did not feature against Fulham, Tottenham and West Ham in the Premier League or against United in the FA Cup final.

He struggled this season , but returned


“He had some problems this season , but Back, I’m sure.”, Categorically stated Guardiola On being questioned by Grealish after losing the FA Cup. I, Of course, knew him well.

He’s not going to the European Championship now, but the greats always come back… So that We have to wait for Jack. Babe has already said that.

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