Euro 2024 simulator: Germany, Spain and Portugal, qualified ; Poland, first elimination


Euro 2024 simulator: Germany, Spain and Portugal, qualified ; Poland, first elimination

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We are facing the second day of the group stage of the European Championship. Now it’s time to take out the calculator and do the math to figure out what each pas needs to move on to the next round. It should be remembered that in addition to the first two, the best four third also reach the next stage.

Group A

Germany’s victory over Hungary by goals Musyala and Gundogan It allows the Germans to secure passage to the knockout stages. It remains to be determined whether he finally enters as a Kampen group or does it in the second. The Hungarians still have a chance to qualify but they will need to win on the last day against Scotland and with a big score.

A draw against Scotland allows Switzerland The addition of four points practically guarantees him entry as one of the third best in this group stage. And the Scots need to win on the last day against Hungary if they want to reach the knockout stages

Group B < BR >

Spain qualify for the knockout stages as Group A and play Sunday, June 30th at 9 pm. In Cologne before the third still have to be defined. Those Luis de la Fuente will Harn against The third of the Group A, D, E or F. This means that the only third party that he will not be able to face is the party from the group of England, Denmark, Slovenia and Serbia and, of course, not the party from the second group in which Spain is.

Already in the quarterfinals, Spain may intersect with Germany If the Germans take the first place in the group (they must win or draw against Switzerland) and overcome the knockout round like Spain. This meeting will be held on July 5 at 18: 00 in Stuttgart.

For its part, Italy will join Spain as the second in the group if it manages to draw against the Croatians.

Series C

Serbia They need to win in the last round against Denmark if they want to be in the knockout stages. Slovenia He needs at least a draw against England if he wants to enter as one of the best third of the group.

England have four points After two matches she practically confirmed her presence in the eighth as one of the best third if the issue arose. A Denmark It may be worth a draw in the last round against Serbia if England beat Slovenia.

Series D

The first team to leave the European Championship is Poland After their defeat to Austria and after the draw between France and low passes. These three teams choose to be the Campen group on the last day. The Greeks, a priori, have more options to be first when measuring the already vacated Polish selection.

Series E

Ukraine’s victory over Slovakia puts pressure on the group with three teams tied on three points that could be four points if Belgium achieves victory over Romania. This means that everything is at stake on the last day with the following clashes: Ukraine-Belgium and Slovakia-Romania

Group F

The tie between Georgia and the Czech Republic Both teams are forced to win on the last day of the group stage to be in the knockout stages. The Czechs will play against Turkey, while the Georgians will have a tough fight against the Portuguese. Portugal takes eighth place The first of the group And to play on Monday, July 1 at 21.00 in front of a third party who will come out of groups A, B or C.

Teams qualified for the eighth

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