Euro 2024: Germany beats Scotland in five shots


Euro 2024: Germany beats Scotland in five shots

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Germany left Scotland in something wonderful. Not a trace of this team that upset Luis de la Fuente’s first days as a coach. These people hit us, we must remember. The Scots cheered the preview on the streets of Munich, putting a cubic meter of liquid into the body, They sang a hymn divinely and then the slit of the skirt was taken off and they were taken in front of Scientist

Passionate Anya who does not feel pressure to play at home

Toni Kroos hit a couple of long-distance sliding balls. I left them at the friend’s feet.

Without slipping, he did the usual thing: keep the ball

. But he was not the only German supplier, who had a choral and ruthless performance, also taking advantage of numerical superiority.

Musyala was an eel, elusive, fast and light. His every campaign was a threat

. The fact is that the opening match, which usually always had a heavy metal bowl, could have been a major massacre. Even Scotland’s goal was scored by a German: reidiger.

Headliner titles

ESPA debuted today in a game that is headlining.

The allure of seeing the duo Nico Williams-Yamal at work is irresistible

. Let’s see how it goes. A fairly normal development will lead us to

Crossing in quarters… Against Germany


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