Euro 2024: from the Scottish beating in the stands to the German beating on the scoreboard: “I’m really sorry , you don’t deserve it”


Euro 2024: from the Scottish beating in the stands to the German beating on the scoreboard: “I’m really sorry , you don’t deserve it”

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EIn his great consolation, they already tell us previously: “the good thing in European Cup Is that we could come to the party at Germany“. The Scots, who overwhelmingly beat the hosts in the stands-and in Streets of Manish– They ended up leaving the opening match with five goals in the Zorn and one Scored the first goal This leaves them a very average Gola ‘touched’ in order to fight the eventual third place against the hungra.

With Clipper already:

“We have McGinn,

Super John McGinn,

I just don’t think you understand,

It’s Steve Clarke’s man,

He’s better than Zidane,

We have a super John McGinn”

They have taken over the streets of Munich these days and from there they will pass to Cologne and Stuttgart He boasted sympathy, several picturesque skirts and several hundred liters of local beer.

“We are proud to be in European CupThat Scotland is represented and we can come to support them, ” the Scotsman told us in the historical square Audionsplatz. “I hope that we will pass the group stage, and hopefully we will be able to draw against Germany,”he said. His wish , on this occasion, It can not be achieved.

Clemens BilanEve

A silent playground… Before the party

Smash into the stands of Manish vosbal Arena Bayern Allianz Arena started , it couldn’t be otherwise, before the opening whistle. Whistles for Germany in the warm-up, the constant Scottish criticism of the passivity of their German rivals and The DJ that I like He played some of the most sought-after ‘hits’ by British fans.

Ah, they even managed to silence the court, still noticeably inferior to the hosts, logically, but they were louder. Scottish anthem, A work of art that they managed to make us able to recognize every minute that sounded on the streets of Maniche.

When the collective hole the beginning of the game, this s…, La golida ba de la Harada Al painting and all Slovakia Domine Germany. In the first half, with 3-0 on the scoreboard, the German hugged a Scot and said: “I’m so sorry.”It’s as if the football that Nagelsmann gave Steve Clarke depends on him. “You don’t deserve that,” he concluded. The Scottish interlocutor did not answer, despairing.

In the second half, the bagpipes broke the silence of the Scottish stand, which was previously the owner of the stadium and now at the mercy of a German fan who broke away from the goals.

Even football was cruel to them when at the 75th minute they began to sing loudly Scottish anthem, Already out of redemption, and ended up silencing the goal, which was the fifth German goal, it was canceled shortly after due to infiltration Velkrug.

The German party ended up with a replacement Toni KroosTo the delight of the staff and their appreciation of one of his last legends , which he will leave when the German way ends in this European Cup.

Ariel ShalitAFP

At least, the Scots got a kick from scoring a goal, a goal in goal from Reidiger Before that… Once again, Germany will silence the Scottish anthem with the fifth and final goal of the match.

A night tour for The Germans And another night of the lady for the Scots. That’s from ” and the result does not matter to us…”

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