Euro 2024: Dalic: “against Spain we have to play like Portugal… But better.”


Euro 2024: Dalic: “against Spain we have to play like Portugal… But better.”

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LThe Croatian national team is already in Germany, 75 kilometers from Berlin, where it will train on Saturday at the European Championship against Spain. Modric’s team arrives with high morale after their recent victory over one of the favorites, Portugal, despite the coach’s insistence on putting his feet to the ground. Zlatko Dalic He insists that to beat Spain we have to do better than the Portuguese.

Victory in Portugal

“It was a good preparatory match, even if it was only a friendly match. The result is always important, but the most important thing is that we were good, we played as we wanted, the players largely fulfilled our requests. It’s a good sign for the future, we have gained confidence, but we have five days of preparation ahead of us. If we want a good result, we will have to give even more against Portugal, one of the favorites in the European Championship. We are happy, but there is no euphoria.”

Welcome to neurubin, your headquarters

“People have once again shown how important the choice is for them, they appreciate and respect everything we do for Croatia, they are always with us. We are aware of high expectations, I hope that we will not let them down and give 100 for 100. The best thing is our motivation, seeing a lot of people wearing T-shirts, a lot of kids, it was a really good start. I think we know how to deal with these circumstances, but we need privacy and peace to prepare matches. “.

How do we play against Spain?

“Every euro match will be different. Against Spain we have to play like Portugal… But better. I’m counting on all the players, we know the situation and everyone who came off the bench yesterday was present. These five days we will work on tactics, to be a solid block, so as not to collapse in any situation, but at the same time to attack well, without problems.”

The quality of Spain

“Spain is a great national team full of great players, young, they have confidence in themselves, but after Portugal, so do we, and we also played well against Spain in the Nations League final . He’s a big competitor, but we’re good too.”

About gvardiol

“He is really versatile, he has power, energy, strength and our assessment is that we need him on the left flank, because he can make an offensive contribution and close everything again. The last few months confirm this and accept anything. He is a player of the present and the future, undoubtedly one of the best defensive players in the world, if not the best.”

Croatia’s European Cup ambitions

“We haven’t done as well in European competitions as we did at the world championships and my ambition is to move on from the group, so we’ll take it step by step. Many national teams have the quality to be able to look forward to reaching the final. We are only in 12th place in the ranking, so there is no pressure, but we will go with patience and calm down. No matter what happens, I believe in this team, we have a mix of young and old, that’s why I believe in who we are and what we do.”

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