Estela Dominguez’s father: “it’s ridiculous that it can be classified as a simple crime to kill a person”


Estela Dominguez’s father: “it’s ridiculous that it can be classified as a simple crime to kill a person”

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EL excyclist Juan Carlos Dominguez He considered that the driver of the car that ended the life of his daughter Estela on February 9, 2023″ was not as it should be ” and reflected on the amount of deviations that are happening today at the wheel.

At the entrance on Friday to the trial taking place in the education court No. 2 in Salamanca, Dominguez He called it “ironic” that it could be classified as a “minor crime” to” kill a person”: “if they call it a minor crime, it’s hard to get the truth,” he told the media.

“In Spain there is a lot of respect for the cyclist and we have a lot of respect for vehicles”, He has assured the former cyclist, who relayed a complaint:” lately I see a lot of people who are with the phone looking at WhatsApp and other things, “so his hypothesis is that the driver who ended his daughter’s life” will not go as he had to go.”

At Friday’s hearing, which began after 12.00, the bus driver, three people who were in the vehicles that were circling behind the bus, the Civil Guard who worked on the reconstruction of the case and the bus driver’s son, who is the owner of the workshop, and went to the scene after the accident, are called to testify.

It is a trial for “manslaughter with less serious negligence,” so the driver of the car that hit the 18-year-old girl can be punished with a fine of 3-18 months and 3-18 months of deprivation of a driver’s license.

Valladolid Estela Dominguez, 18 years old, She died instantly on February 9, 2023 after hitting a road when she was practicing on N-630 in the Villares de la Reina industrial area of Salamanca, the city where she was studying. Family, friends and the cycling world of Valladolid and Salamanca came to court to terminate the parents of Estela, who was Nika’s daughter.

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