Emily Blunt can’t stand kissing some of the actors on the set: “I wanted to vomit”


Emily Blunt can’t stand kissing some of the actors on the set: “I wanted to vomit”

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EOn certain occasions, being a translator can become a risky profession. In most scenes, contact with the rest of the actors is needed, which happens most often, but sometimes it does not happen. Something similar happened to Emily Blunt On some tapes, So much so that the actress did not hesitate to admit that she makes him vomit just by imagining it.

Emily Blunt has shared the stage with the likes of Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Gosling and Cillian Murphy. Perhaps she did not experience this sensation with them, but the interpreter does not hesitate to emphasize that she wanted to vomit just at the thought of kissing some filming colleagues. “I wouldn’t say it’s some kind of extreme dislike, but I definitely didn’t enjoy it in part”, Siala.

Emily Blunt can't stand kissing some of the actors on the set: "I wanted to vomit"

Emily Blunt: “I don’t have a great time working with some people”

It is clear that Emily Blunt wanted to respect her colleagues and did not give clues about any name , although this was dropped He had ” chemistry with people I haven’t had a great time working with.” Namely, the actress considers that it has nothing to do with feeling good on the screen and discomfort when working with other actors.

“Chemistry is something extra. It’s an ethereal thing that you can’t suppress and really buy or sell. It’s like I’m either ah or I’m not… It’s easier when you have a normal relationship with someone, ” blunt explains. The way to find that normal relation is simple according to the Oppenheimer representation: “Find something you like in this person Or something you like about her as a character and then stick to that.”

Who he definitely didn’t have any problems with on the set of ‘the office’ he was with John Krasinski. The actress’s husband He has already shared a shot with her and directed her in several films, including’ A Quiet Place’, and her sequel, ‘A Quiet Place 2’. This is one of the few Hollywood couples who have maintained a relationship both in front of the cameras and behind them.

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