Djokovic receives a bottle after his match against Mutti in Rome


Djokovic receives a bottle after his match against Mutti in Rome

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EThe meeting between Novak Djokovic And Corentin Motet In the second round of the Masters 1000 of Rome he had a political epologue: when the number 1 was retiring for Changing rooms I received A large bottle In the head. The container hit him on the back of the head and caused an injury Superficial Without serious consequences.

According to Eve, the incident was CoincidenceNovak was retiring from signing autographs and taking pictures with fans when: One of them is also inclined To put a piece of paper and a pen for him , with the consequent A water bottle slipped out of his bag Djokovic hit.

The Serb came to Medical services, Who diagnosed that it was a superficial wound, which probably No points needed From a seamstress.

Positive news

The management of the tournament issued a reassuring statement about the physical condition of Novak Djokovic after the accidental blow he suffered.

“Novak Djokovic, leaving the central court at the end of his match, accidentally hit on the head with a water bottle while signing the spectator charts. He has undergone the appropriate medication and has already left the Italian forum to return to his hotel; his condition is not a cause for concern,” says the management of Internazionale PNL d’italia.

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