Disokoba and lados raise tension: 70 death threats and a gun


Disokoba and lados raise tension: 70 death threats and a gun

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Daniel Esteve, Leader DisokobaMacrocarella leads against coach Amadeo lados More than a thousand people. He is accused of pyramid scheme and hate crimes. The confrontation between the two has not remained a pure legal issue and has continued to escalate on social networks over the past hours, with increasingly striking statements.

For his part, Daniel Esteve It has been reported that the reaction of defenders of Amadeo lados Against his initiative he was strong. “I must have received about 60 70 death threats this week From a small crowd of his followers, ” he said. Anyway, since Disokoba They were not worried about the reaction of believers to the influencer.

Daniel Esteve He made a combative speech: “we will do one thing. As I was little and did a lot of burpees (one of the physical exercises that Mrs. bet on Lados In videos and advice), We’ll leave when six is about a hundred. Take two buses and come here to talk with my buddies so we can fix everything.”

The reaction of Amadeo lados

LadosTrue to the personality he shows on social networks, he did not remain silent after receiving the news of the lawsuit:”How scared I am, bro, look how scared I am. She has come to the light and you are going to suck her. You are the grass of McDonald’s, you are the grass of jobs. You’re gonna regret your fucking life. I have nothing fucking, bro. Fuck everything, you monster.”

The influencer Amadeo lados.

The influencer Amadeo lados.

The coach has insisted that the initiative is led by Disokoba Not a single part has changed its activity on the networks, questioned a lot in recent months by various YouTube channels and TV shows: “I’ve been saying that all my life. Nothing stops me. How much more pressure, and I like it. That’s all in the damn Matrix. It’s a joke“.

Data transit scale with Daniel Esteve

Daniel Esteve This video was echoed by Lados: “You will take shit, you are a dwarf with a small penis. Ladus, during a conversation with his followers, even referred to firearms: “no one in history, on the street, has ever called me a crook or a smoke dealer. A contest because I’m going with a fucking Glock (pistol) and 1.2 seconds I can blow his head off“.

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