Deschamps: “Mbappe should work , but not immediately”


Deschamps: “Mbappe should work , but not immediately”

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Didier Deschamps, France coach, reveals that Kylian Mbappe “was a little better” He will follow this Tuesday “closely every day” to assess the timing of his return to compete at Euro 2024, after suffering a broken nose on Monday in the first day of the fourth group match against Austria in Dusseldorf.

“This merkul will have more exmen to see his evolution. It was a big shock. The medical staff did everything necessary to minimize it as much as possible, after the examinations. Even if there is no surgery right away, you will have to do it. This morning was a little better, so we’ll see. “We will follow him closely every day,”he said on Tuesday in statements to the official media of the French Football Federation.

“This time there will be more tests to make sure that we see”, Adi Deschamps , whose striker strongly doubts the closer commitment of his choice, Next Friday against low passes, And in the next stage against Poland, although they are still in the competition at Euro 2024 to return to action with a protective mask.

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