Death side: “if Spain does not bypass Georgia , it will be a huge blow”


Death side: “if Spain does not bypass Georgia , it will be a huge blow”

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En Good night and good goals, With Felipe del Campo, The rally broke out after learning about the final schedule heading to the Euro 2024 final. The path that , on the one hand, will lay Spain A Test against the real ‘coconuts’ of the championship –Germany, Portugal, France, Belgium– , And on the other side he has only Italy, England and low passes as supposed heavyweights.

We are with the correct but hot ratings of Lex de Janos , Nacho Palencia , Nacho B , Albert Fernandez , Javi Lazaro and Luco Cortes, There were analyzes and even sticks for various selections from the “side of death”, as he prefers to be called from the field. And, of course, from Germany, RAL Varela, Javier Amaro and Miguel Angel Toribio They update us with the last hour of the Spanish selection and stimulate the discussion with their controversial views.

Don’t get lost Good night and good goals Every day at the end of the day of the European Cup, from 23: 00, with all the summary and analysis of the date. Also, the past and current affairs of Copa America With Juan CastroSpecial envoy to the United States.

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