Deals and the best player in the knockout stages of the European Cup


Deals and the best player in the knockout stages of the European Cup

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HUntil July 14, we will review the best player and bargains of each match in the fantasy European Cup Marca. Every time the day is completed, we also analyze the perfect Eleven We are evaluating movements in the transfer market. There are four official tournaments that you can play, as well as public tournaments against rivals animus or private tournaments that you can create yourself to enjoy with friends. We tell you all the news from 24 selections On Twitter @fantasymarka.

Switzerland 2-0 Italy

Switzerland gave a good description of Italy, reaffirming the wonderful sensations that were presented in the group stage. Double numbers for Ruben Vargas (14 fantasy points and MVP) And Car audio-accessories (13), The scorers of the match. Also mentioned for Ebesher (9) Who with an average of 7.5 is one of the best players in the tournament. The ‘Eurocolazo’, Logically from the winners who are still in the competition, it is Reeder (8.6 million).

Germany 2-0 Denmark

Denmark was about to take the lead with a goal that was nullified by a millimeter infiltration and a few minutes later the host was not forgiven. A three-way tie at 10 points As the best player in the clash between Reidiger, Schlotterbeck and Schmeichel. “Eurocolazo” is Raum (18.6 million).

England 2-1 Slovakia

Ray Judd came out to save England, who were eliminated a minute earlier. The great Chilean goal to force bruga and add 13 fantasy points. Two minutes after the firm’ extra time ‘ Kane returns and passes to the quarters (9 p.). Ten Luger rice and ‘eurocolazo’ is , again, for Slovak Schranz (6.2 million) and thanks for the services rendered.

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Deals and the best player in the knockout stages of the European Cup

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