Copa de la Reina: La Romareda passes judgment


Copa de la Reina: La Romareda passes judgment

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The final chapter of the 42nd edition of the de la Reina Cup is being written on Saturday (19 :00, Los Angeles 1) in La Romareda, The perfect football temple that has already hosted the result of winning the Cup in Two more occasions (1991 , 2009) This will witness the unstoppable development of the so-called Women’s football.

Listing the two opponents for the title, Barcelona and Real Sociedad, have common places. Your technicians, Jonathan germildez and Natalia Arroyo, will end the stage in their seats at the end of the season and want to do it leaving the best possible legacy. “Jonah and I have called each other because we have to set up boxes, but little contact until we crossed paths today . If we match, I’ll give him a hug. I am very fond of him. It will be a vibrant match, but it will only leave one happy. If he wins, I will not be happy no matter how much his teammate. I hope that I will win and that next week he will win, ” warned the Catalan, who will have all the players at her disposal.

Obvious favoritism

For the Irma bar women, who wear the favorite label, this means adding another title to the list of winners, the third of the year – After Spanish Super Cup And the League– And continue to oppose the historic poker game that could culminate next week with the Champions League final in Bilbao. “We are a very competitive team. “We are eager to compete, to win titles and bring joy to the fans,”said germildez, who transferred the entire team to Zaragoza, including Mabey who will not be able to play due to lack of medical discharge.

Galician technician confirmed the ownership of the Palestinian Authority ermus. “I’m calm, happy and looking forward to enjoying the final. I will try to contribute my experience and help the team as much as I can, ” said the Alicante native, who He won 16 titles with Barcelona… And he wants to add two more before ending his nine seasons as a bar Irma player.

Appropriate blue and white

Blue and white, after a more discreet season (Qualified eighth in La Liga with three days to go), They seek to make history by entrusting themselves to the spirit of GranadaThe same thing that led the team to Winning the Cup five years ago despite not being the favorite against Atletico Madrid in the final. “It’s different endings. We have a different team, with more experience, with more level, but also competitors because they are the best team in the world. They are different situations , but the illusion will not win us“, He emphasized Nerea Izaguirre, One of the three – along with etxizarita and Leti – that replicate Carmen’s work.

L Eugenia Gill, final referee, It is about “The most beautiful game of the year. It will depend on the players, but I hope for a very clean and beautiful match.”. Let the Camp pass the sentence…

The presence of the Queen and suspicion of the head of the Federation

The fund of authorities in La Romareda will be headed by Her Majesty Queen Do Irma Letizia, who will be responsible for handing the trophy to the captain of the Cup-winning team. The presence of the president of the Russian Federation, Pedro Rocha, is uncertain, because yesterday he was in Thailand” and we don’t know if he has time to arrive, ” the sources of the Federation say.

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