Copa America 2024: Vinicius and Indrek’s challenge with Brazil: restoring lost confidence


Copa America 2024: Vinicius and Indrek’s challenge with Brazil: restoring lost confidence

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LAs Ultimas Brazil’s performances on European soil, Against England and Spain Two months ago, they arrived by A fact called Vinicius Junior, And the exact rise of one of the biggest discoveries in Brazilian football, Forward to Indrek. Brazil believes it can revive hope among fans Together with other players like Rodrigo. Specialists in sports management and marketing understand that O.

After a long period of qualifying in the last World, It culminated with Neymar’s injury and subsequent poor performances, As well as a great start in the World Cup qualifiers, under the leadership of Fernando DenizBrazil appears to be experiencing calm after her arrival Dorival Junior.

All this, but no, motivated by two excellent performances in friendly matches played on European soil , and A 1-0 victory over England at Wembley and a 3-3 draw with ESPA At the Santiago Bernabeu.

In these games, actually, Indric heaps praise by scoring his first goals in the yellow shirt, One at each party, and become more popular with the public. A few hours after the duel against the English, for example, he was the most commented topic in the world on the social network ‘X’ (formerly Twitter).

Yes Indrek is still taking his first steps, His future teammate at Real Madrid is already a reality. I came young. He touched the sky after scoring a goal in the Champions League final. The eyes of the world-and not just Brazil – will position the striker as one of the greatest candidates to win the world’s best player award, which is It has not happened to a Brazilian athlete since 2007, with KAC.

Starting from the 24th of this month, the team starts A new journey with Dorival Jr., With the start of the America’s Cup. Before there are two friendly matches; this Saturday (8), against Mexico, and the merkols (12), against the United States.

Vinicius, an example for Brazilians

Does bodern Vinny Jr. and Indrek restore fan self-esteem with the team? Experts respond: “There is already a consensus around the world that Vinny is the main reference of the team. In addition to being the most decisive, in the largest club and in the main club competition in the world, he is a person who, through his struggle for equality, education and teaching in Brazil, has followers even among those who are not interested in football. He is an example for Brazilians of all sectors. Dedicated, a winner and never stops helping those who don’t. He has his talent and fame.”

If Vinny is an example of success, he has already been united, and he is loved for what he did in Europe, Indrek is the one who makes Brazilians think that not only we have, One outstanding figure, but it is a movement to restore the values associated with the moments of success of our choice.

“We always had great couples when we were at the top. They came out of the two most successful clubs in Brazil in recent years. Soon they will be in the same club, the most successful in Europe. They are talented, strong, Giles, fast and decisive. Why don’t we think that they will form a do that will help us regain the World Cup?”, Siala Thiago Freitas, operations manager at Rock Nation Sports in Brazil, A company run by singer Jay-Z.

Revival of the green and yellow flame

“Deception stirs emotions and is always a reason for hope. Multiple sclerosis to encourage, Brazilian fans love to win and stay ahead. The possible nomination of the best player in the world , the biggest football deal in recent history for an athlete under the age of 18, Victories in team performances Under the new leadership, they are, without a doubt, components for the revival of the green and yellow flame among Brazilian fans”. He explains Ivan Martinho, professor of sports marketing at ISPM.

“Brazil has a good chance to get closer to the amateurs. They will play the America’s Cup in the United States, the country where many Brazilians live, we won the 94th World Cup and the 2026 World Cup stage. Important team figures such as Vinnie juniorThey come from historic achievements in Europe.”, Phoebe Wolf analyzes, Managing partner of specialist Wolf sports and sports marketing.

“The Brazilian national team is our passion, we are the only pentacampin team, it is natural to demand and the fact that we have Vinicius Jr. as one of the best in the world assures us that we have to do it.”Investing more and more in youth teams, as we have many diamonds all over Brazil. Indrek needs to repeat what he showed here outside the PAS, I have no doubt that the work on his mental side will soon He can become one of the best players in Brazil. The scientist, so far early showed the characteristics of an outstanding athlete, ” he explains Ren salviano, CEO of hitmap And sports marketing specialist.

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