Copa America 2024: Valverde has been confirmed as a ‘crossover’ for Bielsa… And what about Ancelotti?


Copa America 2024: Valverde has been confirmed as a ‘crossover’ for Bielsa… And what about Ancelotti?

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Uruguay Proceed with the game before Panama (3-1) in The premiere at the 2024 America’s Cup. A party in which those from Bielsa They controlled most of the minutes but did not rule until the last stage, even giving some life to an opponent who, on paper and on the center, was inferior.

15-time champion Braille Fide Valverde, The captain at the beginning and with Role’ unknown ‘ to Real Madrid fans . The one from Montevideo was the mentor for his teammates, he managed the rhythm of the clash and wasted quality with Ballen who showed that for everything they throw at him, both in his selection and in his club. He has already convinced Bielsa… And the following are Ancelotti.

Valverde is very different. Armband wrapped in the first chapter, The Real Madrid player in his debut in the tournament confirmed that he is a total and chamalenico player. His coach knows this well and holds him as his beacon, as his ‘cross’, the player that everyone wants to give the ball to do and retreat at will as he offered before Panam. And this is a month ago, almost as if spoiled, Tony I have already given her the apron number. It will be for something…

Darwin ‘Lukaku’ Nez relief. He always tends to transform when Celeste is dressed, but the Liverpool striker did not have his best night. He had all the colors until the final stretch, and no matter how hard he tried, they all went into oblivion… Even, after chopping off a lot of stone, he ended up marking what he wanted so much. The performance of lights and shadows that comes in the middle of a tour about his future in the Anfield Road team.

Face: maxi Arago. The Toluca striker scored a tremendous goal with his left hand from the front in the first term. Bielsa continues to rely on el for the attacking front and continues to respond with goals, opportunities and a lot of work without Palen.

Cross: Ronald Arago. The Barcelona center-back suffered an ankle injury in the first half and, although he was not immediately substituted, he was substituted only after passing through the dressing rooms. The whole of Uruguay (and the city of Barcelona) is waiting for what can happen with a player who has already accumulated several injuries lately.

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