Copa America 2024: Samuel, on sansin to Scaloni :” it’s bitter because we always adhere to the rules”


Copa America 2024: Samuel, on sansin to Scaloni :” it’s bitter because we always adhere to the rules”

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Walter Samuel, assistant to Lionel Scaloni, He was in charge of replacing the Argentine coach with sansin who signed him this afternoon because he took the team out late in the second half in the matches against Canada and Chile.

Sansine Scaloni

“He is bitter about the situation, we have always been a correct technical body and we have always adhered to the rules. In all this time, we barely received the yellow and I think it was for M. No sansin was a hit, but we stick to it. We left late after the break because of football things, not because we wanted to take advantage of any advantage. We are surprised, but we accept that.

Messi’s injury

“Leo will not be in front of everyone And now we are going from day to day waiting for its development. We don’t think about keeping anyone and we don’t want to think about the possibility of not having them later. Anyway, the team without Leo was also up to the task and not worried about anything.”

Not winning the cup

“The word failure is very difficult and failure is not trying or competing. We are committed to this and they will judge us from the outside.”


“We saw the game against Costa Rica and I don’t think Brazil is in a crisis.”

Cup balance

“The balance is good in these two games, not only because of the results, but because we know how to adapt to different situations.”

Substitute team

“We still don’t know who will play and it’s too early to say anything about the team, but in any case we don’t underestimate everyone in any situation. We will win, as always.”

Finally, he also spoke about the sansin of Lionel Scaloni Coach of per Jorge Fossati, Who defended his Argentine counterpart for the aforementioned sansin: “they should give us more time at rest and I think this issue should be adjusted well in an organizational way so that we technicians do not always pay. Time (15 minutes in regulation) should be counted from the moment we arrive in the locker room, and not from the moment the referee whistles at the end of the first half. Changing rooms at these stadiums are located one kilometer from the stadium. It is not good for the party, nor is it the way, that the coaches are out of place.”

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