Choosing Spanish: another adventure and another challenge in the fascinating story of Joselu


Choosing Spanish: another adventure and another challenge in the fascinating story of Joselu

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HAce a little more than a year , the palm of Joselu It was empty. It’s Mrs., what I was collecting was a pedigree, two chained: Alaves and Espanyol. But his story has turned in a radical way into a fantastic adventure facing another special chapter, which is his debut for Spain at a European Championship.

In Dusseldorf, 400 kilometers from the city where he was born, Stuttgart, Joselu will set a stone on a path in which he went from having nothing on his title sheet to the champion of the Champions League, the league, the Spanish Super Cup and the Nations League. And each of those crowns that he wears now had an appropriate role.

His first conquest was the League of nations From Rotterdam. Joselu was one of Luis de la Fuente’s initial bets. With L came the long-awaited plan B, that of having a 9-finisher to change the record. His goal was Agnico against Spain in the Nations final. His first penalty for Spain from the shootout against Croatia, rocket to the right team of Levakovich To open the way to the address.

Nations League (semi-final): summary and goals Spain 2-1 Italy

Then, on June 19, he was presented as a Real Madrid player. In January I traveled to Riyadh To play the Spanish Super Cup. He came on in the 105th minute of the semi-final against Atletico Madrid, with a score of 3-3 on the scoreboard. 4-3 came to Madrid in 116th place in a move Joselu He claims that it is his goal, that it was given to Oblak in his own goal, but he would never have reached if the White striker did not think that that ball could reach the net. “Que le Ballen I direct it towards the goalkeeper,” so the goal is Mo.

Joselu: “that the ball I’m directing towards the goalkeeper so the goal is Mo”

In the Liga, Joselu contributes a lot to Carlo Ancelotti In a vacuum last season caused a lot of damage to Madrid: goals from the bench. He scored 10 goals in 34 matches, 15 of them as a starter. There has never been a more effective second player in La Liga. Not even in Europe.

Joselu: “stay at Real Madrid? We’ll talk about it at the end of the season.”

But Joselu’s big moment of the season was the night of May 8, The Return of the semifinal against Bayern. He entered the field in the 81st minute, with his team in agony and just clinging to something unusual happening. Once bored, bass. It was Joselu Spiro who took Madrid to Wembley And the The fifteenth With his two goals a Noir.

Real Madrid 2-1 Bayern Munich: highlights and goals / Champions League (semi-final, second leg)

For Carvajal

Now this fantasy is coming to the euro. Until now, Joselu He did not appear on the field. He is one of the seven who are waiting for his debut against Albania. At the age of 34, waiting for what will be from his life next season, the 9th from Spain could become the top scorer of the national team in the history of European Cups. That mark is now out of his Brother-Kwadwo Dani Carvajal, thanks to his goal against Croatia with 32 years, five months and four days, which left in memory a Azpilicueta (To Croatia at Euro 2020, 31 years and 10 months) and Santyana (In 1984, against Portugal, 31 years, nine months and 25 days). And in this World Cup mark from June 2002, from Fernando Hierro Against Paraguay: 34 years, two months and 15 days.

The oldest player to score in the European Cup is the Austrian Ivica fastik. His goal came against Poland on 12 July 2008 with 38 years and 257 days.

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