Choosing Spain: Spain-Italy, the struggle of the winning schools


Choosing Spain: Spain-Italy, the struggle of the winning schools

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EAmong the major competitions of European football it has a place dedicated to Spain and Italy. The first battlefield between them was on September 2, 1920, at Antwerp Games. Two goals from sesmaga sealed the first win over Patriotism. The end of the match was tense because Zamora lost his temper and attacked Bedini With kick after kick from the Italian to his knee. Silverio He went from the end to the goalkeeper and was advised by the Divine, who, with the permission of the referee, stayed next to the goalkeeper. Olympic silver was closer. And compete, fired.

But this ancient struggle also won its place in the lower categories. Training players in Spain and Italy is one of the best in Europe. And the clashes between them at any point of the pyramid are part of the life of the guys who later became universal references. “I have lived everything against them, with players who are part of my history, like Fernando Torres,” he says Leo Bonucci.

In the competitions of the UEFA national team, the names of Spain and Italy shine brightly. In the absolute euro, the Spanish and German shirts were on top, with three conquests. On the hunt, Italy and France, with two. It could change in Kiev in 2012 , but Spain did not give a truce Patriotism: 4-0.

David’s great company goal with the Spanish U-15 national team

In the almost newborn League of nations, Spain already has a crown. And two more finals after the elimination of Italy in the semifinals , at the San Siro and in Enschede.

The European Under-21 offers two passes in front of Palmers with five titles: Spain and Italy. On the Spanish side, there are more finals: four, one of which was lost to the Italians (1996), by two from Italy (both with Spain as a rival, 1986 and 2013). Luis de la Fuente was the European Under-21 champion in 2019, on Italian soil.

If we take a step out, then the European Under-19 record is dominated by Spain with authority: nine titles against seven for France. This category is a disadvantage of the Italian quarrying business. In his museum there are only two titles and eight losing finals, one against Spain. This s, his last victory was, in Malta.

Italy are also the current Under-17 champions, having won the cup a little over 15 days ago with a score of 3-0 in the final against Portugal in Limassol, as Spain did not succeed in the first stage. This was the third crown of Italy in a category that also dominates Spain by solvency: nine titles and six losing finals, for the six victories of which Portugal follows.

In terms of functionality

The enmity between Spain and Italy is part of the training developed in both federations. In fact, the cooperation between them is close and long in time. For years, there was an agreement for an Under-17 and Under-19 match between Spain and Italy every January. This agreement was extended by the excellent relationship between the quarry coordinators of the two unions, Francis Hernandez And maruzio vecnini.

The idea was to extend this idea to other generations. The course is annual. In January, an Under-19 and under-18 match is held on the same day, one in each country. Also in January there is a double duel under 17, this year, for example in Neighborhoods. In March, there is a double duel for the Under-15 team and the course closes in September with a double date for the Under-16 team. The adjustment between the two passes is absolute.

In Italy, we are looking, from the Spanish perspective, for a competitor for permanent demand, both in terms of tactics and for the player to enter a high competitive level very soon.

This excellent relationship means that initiatives are being developed between the two unions (talks, visits…) To feed two winning models throughout their journey, dominating and prioritizing the past, present and future of European football.

Lamin Yamal shines for ESPA under-17s: kick from outside the zone and draw!

January 2022, Lamin Yamal

On the territory of the Schalke 04 Stadium, Spain and Italy will place several players who have undergone those training matches agreed between Spain and Italy. The last of them, Lamin Yamal. In March 2022, who is currently wearing the number 19 of the European Cup, he played his Under-15 match against Italy at the home of federicalcio, in Coverciano. He did it with the same Apron number, but what is now 16 years and 11 months was 14 years and something more than seven months. Spain won both matches: 1-2 and 1-3. In the second, Lamin Yamal gave a goal pass 0-1.

In gelserkirchen you will see faces with Federico DeMarco, Who also knows what are the formation matches between Spain and Italy. Besides Inter He played in January 2013, for the Spain national Under-17 team: 0-1, with the goal Rhodri Tarn.

They are two examples of the vibrant rivalry between two giants of European football, Spain and Italy, who are now facing another duel at the top of the pyramid.

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