Celtics lick their wounds with spanking in Miami


Celtics lick their wounds with spanking in Miami

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LOperating system The Boston Celtics do not want anything or anyone to doubt their candidacy for everything in the NBA playoffs. After abandoning the TD Garden Court factor, a track that in itself already conveys fear to all its competitors, the ‘proud Greens’ did not let the ghosts of the past knock on the door. They left for Miami and soon the beating (84-104) was a reality to restore the advantage (2-1) Next to the best team of the regular season. Knocking them out seems like a pretty big task for some heat who have a plan… But the complicated thing is to keep them in time.


Game 2 at Boston They made more than 20 three-pointers. It is a formula of success in modern basketball. Three adds up to more than two. And with such volume and success, the competitor has to take a lot. This did not happen with the arrival of the series to the status of cassettes and Miami bled from a distance with a 9/28 double from long range. Boston didn’t get much Ms – only 11 right out of 37-but the difference was obvious From the first quarter.

In the first quarter they were already leading by nine points (12-21 , 12′) and in the second quarter they opened the channel for some heat who lacked an offensive standard more than Pam Adebayo (20 + 9). The Celtics reached 42 in one quarter and the gap grew to 24 (39-63 , 24′). The Miami Dream is over, without inspiration.


Although the final result did not show this significant difference, That the Celtics accelerated to a game played on the rules all season. A very dangerous defense and A multi-headed attack. Surrendered as many as four out of 10 against Miami: Tatum, With 22 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists. Brown, To blen’s 22 points, 8 rebounds and two steals. Kristaps Porzingis, Capture the flight to reach 18 points, 5 rebounds and two blocks. O Derek White, Recording 16+5+3 . This is the Celtics.

We still have another march to enter

Jaylen Brown

They go 2-1 and the lady’s promise” we still have another march to enter, ” explained Jaylen Brown. They believe in the green locker room that the competition punished barn between the end of the cycle and the beginning of the post-season. Boston, little by little, dropped into the playoffs. They are already responsible, be careful with them.

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