Catalan elections 2024: PSOE wins Catalan elections but Salvador Vella’s rule depends on the I. R. C. and Catalonia V. com


Catalan elections 2024: PSOE wins Catalan elections but Salvador Vella’s rule depends on the I. R. C. and Catalonia V. com

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EParty of Socialists of Catalonia (PSC)Sh M) It has been Winner of the Catalan elections 2024 Both in sounds and in scales. 99.06 % of votes counted, Salvador Villa He achieved 27,94% Of the same, which translates as 42 scales, Nine milliseconds than in the previous election. However, He needs the support of 26 deputies of the lady for the presidency of the Generalitat of Catalonia, The support that may come from Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) and Catalunya in com.

Military Council of all Catalonia, The political formation of the Prince of Justice Carles Puigdemont, The second political force was with 21,63% Of sounds and 35 scales, Three milliseconds than on February 14, 2021, but it is not enough to judge. However, the biggest loser on Election Day was ERK, Although it is in his hands that Salvador villa is the president, he lost 13 deputies in connection with the last electoral appointment. The party of former President Pere Aragones has achieved 13,69% Of sounds and 20 scales.

People’s party (Y) Of Alejandro Fernandes he was the one who grew the most in the number of escaus, because he doubled in five the three escaus that he had in the Generalitat of Catalonia and happened to be 15 members And to be the fourth political force of Catalonia with 10,97% Of sounds. FoxxFor his part, he got 7,95% From voices and conservatism 11 members.

Who is low is Catalonia in com, Who resides with Six askauAfter the loss of two measures , but as in the case of the IER, sOur deputies are vital for Salvador Vila to be president of the Generalitat of Catalonia. The nomination of the people’s unity performed worse (Cup), From going from nine to Slovakia Four members. Which will be presented for the first time in the Parliament of Catalonia will be Aliana Catalana, Which obtained the 3,79% From the sounds it will be Members. Instead of that, Citizens did not add the necessary votes for parliamentary representation.

Independence movement, defeated the great of 12 ad

The biggest loser of 12 M was independence, Since then despite the three lady deputies achieved by the junta and the two seats achieved by Aliana Catalana, the position left 13 deputies and the trophy, five. In this way, the pro-independence political formations, with 43,64% From the sounds, they add 61 scales, 13 fewer than in the last electoral appointment and seven less than necessary to govern. The rest of the parties, despite the disappearance of citizens and the two deputies left by Catalonia in com, with 56,36% From the sounds, they add 74 scales13, more than three and a half dozen years too long to rule.

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