Carlos Sainz under investigation: “one lap earlier safety and he would have won the race”


Carlos Sainz under investigation: “one lap earlier safety and he would have won the race”

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CArlos Sainz, fourth in the Miami race, knew that he was under investigation because of his fight with Oscar Piastri, in which there was everything. First the Australian defended himself by going off the track and then the Spaniard put pressure on him before allowing the hosts with the McLaren team to touch him before he passed 17 laps from the end of the test.

Outside of that final battle, there was a crossing of Chico breeze at the start, spoiling Sainz’s second place, when he came out much better than Locklear. Bad luck prevented a possible victory for the 55th in Miami on Sunday.

Carlos, extractor

“Not exactly the reason, but I noticed it and did exactly the same thing as they were doing to me throughout the race, that’s why I started to be more aggressive. The fact is that today I think there was a great chance to get on the podium, and even win the race, at the speed that we had. I made a very good start, and suddenly there was nothing to make Chico, he came and threw us all a small path without much control,” Carlos said about the start of the race.

Safety car

“Then we had a good pace, the gap opened a little to take care of the tires and one lap we didn’t take the safety car, which could have made us win the race. If I thought about it this way, if it had been a lap earlier, I could have won”.

Controversy over sanctions

“I don’t think about nationalities, I think more about consistency. Today I was surprised that Piastri did something very similar to what Magnussen did yesterday (he was punished three times for going off the track) and today I didn’t give him anything and he didn’t give me the position,” Carlos said surprised, but not angry.

“And then I said that if we all would go…, Then let’s go for it, ” he concluded on the matter,

The triumph of Lando Norris, his friend

“O , I’m really happy for him. It’s like Formula 1, there are days when you do everything perfectly and do second, third, fourth and you were doing some races. Today he came to the gym and won a well-deserved race, because he deserved to win the Formula 1 race for a long time.”

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