Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix 2024: Verstappen races against the wall, but cannot beat Hamilton


Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix 2024: Verstappen races against the wall, but cannot beat Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton He achieved Fastest time at the 3rd Canadian Grand Prix, Yet super-volvy that no one can get close to, As much as Verstappen tried and conscientiously sent. Maxx, With stability problems again on board the 20th, I even touched the ‘wall of heroes’ to bring out sparks From the edge against the concrete , but it only served him to stay in 0.4 seconds of heptathlon From the world.

Under normal circumstances, In the case of another car, we would have to consider Hamilton as a clear favorite of the pole, On a course in which he achieved eight victories, absolute record at Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal. But this is going on W15, Some kind of quarantine should be put in place. It’s a car Very fast at low asphalt temperature, Because it warms the tires well at first , but then The S2 and S3 do not find the track improvement that McLaren, Ferrari or Red Bull find. There is still a lot of canvas to cut so that Hamilton is on the first line from the start on Sunday.

Ferrari, more than usual

L Ferrari, tenth from Leclerc, 0.8 seconds behind Lewis and 12th from Carlos Sainz , 1.0, it does not seem that the places they will occupy later on the grid And it gives the feeling that they rudely played with fuel loads or engine maps, to stay too far away. Anything other than seeing them out of the top six would be a big surprise.

Alonso, eighth

Fernando Alonso was the first with a difficult initial, Then he did a long run with a fully loaded medium compound and finally He was climbing with the soft finish, improving his personal time twice, to stay in eighth place, But it’s also a long way from Hamilton.

A Lance Stroll has unleashed at home and wants to please his compatriots, he has put three very good laps with the soft to take fourth place, Ten third time from George Russell. Fernando’s teammate needs a good result this weekend as a motivation. We’ll see in the qualification (22.00 hours), where he managed to finish.

Little chance of rain

What it looks like it will be Classification Passed through the water, it has been dissipated and It seems that they are dry in their entirety. In Montreal you can never take this for granted, but the Previsin From the rain at 22.00, 16.00 local time, it barely reaches 20%.

Chu red flag

The The second of the weekend, This time in the drought, at a very bad time for the Chinese racer, because he is looking for equipment. The damage was minor and the session could be resumed without problems.

Alonso, first from the start

Running works at the beginning of the cycle, Fernando seemed to be in a test with an unloaded Ms tank and a hard compound, just like a picnic, While the rest, as Ferrari, They gave a simulated feeling with The tank is full , in less than two seconds From the head.

After the first set of frames

1 Fernando Alonso Aston Martin (D) 1’14″445 10

2 D. Ricardo (M) 1’14″780 +00″335 12

3 liter stroll Aston Martin (D) 1’14″854 +00″409 11

4 L. Norris McLaren (M) 1’14″911 +00″466 12

5 m. Verstappen (m) Red Bull 1’14″983 +00″538 10

6 K. Magnussen Haas (M) 1’15″044 +00″599 9

7 y. p. Tsunoda regular budget (M) 1’15″133 +00″688 8

8 s. Piastri McLaren (M) 1’15″238 +00″793 10

9 e Okun Alpine 1’15″419 +00″974 13

10 p. Gasly Albin 1’15″737 +01″292 3

11 N. Hulkenberg-Haas 1’15″746 +01″301 8

12A-Albon Williams 1’16″987 +02″542 6

13 C Leclerc Ferrari 1’17″588 +03″143 7

14 s. Perez Red Bull 1’18″096 +03″651 4

15 g. Chu’s share 1’18″656 +04″211 4

16 Carlos Sainz Ferrari 1’18″849 +04″404 4

17 against the share of Bottas 1’19″288 +04″843 4

18 L Sargent Williams 1’19″854 +05″409 4

19 liter Hamilton Mercedes 1’19″917 +05″472 4

20 C. Russell Mercedes 1’20″137 +05″692 4

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