Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix 2024: launch of the signing of Binotto with Aston Martin in Germany


Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix 2024: launch of the signing of Binotto with Aston Martin in Germany

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Aston Martin The Formula 1 World Championship 2024 did not start well. At the moment, the team based in Silverstone is Fifth In competition with 44 points. And the worst thing is that they went even less. From Miami onwards she was only able to add Four points.

An eloquent fact that reflects the poor state of the British team’s form. And there’s the lady. The fact that Fernando Alonso has stayed at zero in Mola and manaco is very worrying. He was bad in qualifying and in the race he could not do much to change his fate.

The present is not very hopeful, so it makes sense that rumors appear regarding the future of the green blades. In Germany they say that Lawrence StrohlThe owner of Aston Martin, set his sights Mattia Binotto For the former Ferrari to take over the technical direction of the English team.

Replaced by Andrew Green

The one who was the mandams of the Scuderia, and replaced him Frederick Vasseur After a series of seasons without the resounding success that the structure of Maranello wanted, he will take the position vacated by Andrew Green.

And Mike crack?

According to Motorsport-total, The Swiss-born engineer did not join the ranks of Aston Martin to replace Mike crack As a team leader. Although this is the position he held at Ferrari when he was dismissed by Scuderia. We’ll see what happens in the end, but this won’t be just a signature, that’s clear. We just have to look Biography of pinotto To know that it is an important promotion. The results of the father’s picnic he wants do not come and it is clear that he is looking forward to shaking the shaker. Moreover, it has also been confirmed that they are interested in signing Adrian Newey, an addition that will be even more bombastic.

Aston Martin denies that this will happen

In Menako, In the bosom of Aston Martin they did not take this information from the Teutonic milieu for granted. This possible change in the organizational chart of the Silverstone team was Gossip From Paddock From Formula 1. The fact is that in the British group They denied that this would happen.

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