Campazzo melts the stratosphere of Baskonia and leaves Madrid one step away from the final four


Campazzo melts the stratosphere of Baskonia and leaves Madrid one step away from the final four

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Campazzo He’s back and he’s Real Madrid Smile again… And aviation. A few months later the Argentine started, Physically exhausted, He blurred and his team tied the Bagin ( it was no accident), Europe’s best point guard is back in a big way. His phenomenal gallery (22+4+6) End the resistance Baskonia (101-90) And leaves him one step away from Final Four. Only One team in the history of the EuroLeague repeats 0-2 in the history of the EuroLeague… And it was Madrid itself The last campaign before Partizen.


Without Moniki, These are from Ivanovic They made rubber until the third quarter Triple whammy (16/34), But they ended up being prisoners of the Latigo empire of ‘FACO’ , which swelled with their passes to Poirier (10+6+4 plugs), Tavares (10 + 6) and Yaboseli (14 of his 16 points in the third quarter), the three pillars of the victory with Yue Zhong (13 with 3/5 three-pointers) to limit the hopes of his rival, who even saw Madrid overtake him Triple whammy (14/29).

The trio, a basconist ally

From the beginning Baskonia He successfully held out to the trio to face the physical Madrid, with Campazzo and Tavares cause chaos (18-11, min 7). With three times , the Vettori were placed with A 0-8 (18-19, min 8). Two of the best triple lists, Lol and Howard They made a brutal exchange, with three for the minorcan and two for the American. But he was Poirier with 4 points, 5 rebounds and 4 blocks Who in a heartbeat will represent the most local (37-27, min 15).


The Baskonia Repeat the pattern , and with two triples Marinkovich And the last of Chioza He made 2-10 To make rubber (39-37). Return to court Campazzo He gave a new bro to his team , who had gone to half-time before, with 18 assessment of the contingent of the Congolese Armed Forces (14+3+2 ) and 15 de Poirier (6+6+4 plugs), A rating of approximately (33) as a whole Baskonia (35), Which just doesn’t Four baskets of two In the first part , but survive with your 10/20 on three-pointers (46-40).

Campazzo highlights Latigo

On appeal Baskonia The earliest after technique came to Moses, and three of the Rogkavopoulos And 2 + 1 of Marinkovich (51-47, at 23). But then she came out Campazzo Samia To thwart the monster is the brave resistance of the Victorians. He’s tired of attending Yaboseli (14 points in the third quarter) and Tavares He scores two three-pointers to give Final stretch (70-57, min 29).


And in the last quarter seven points from The deck of the ship, A basket of Yue Zhong And five points from Chacho Close the game (89-66). Baskonia, that Makel score at the end (101-90) He no longer finds the strength or the triple to slow down the Madridista cycle, which gives A giant step to be in the Final Four again and defend the title Which he conquered last season.

Only the final expulsion from Hezonia, The player whose almost childish behavior should be seen in many matches, The winning package of Madrid weight, Which returns to regain its best feelings at the most important moment of the season.

Technical profile:

101-Real Madrid (23+23+28+27 ): Campazzo (24), Moses ( – ), hezonga (7), yabusili (16), Tavares (10), – initial five, Poirier (10), deck (10) Yui (13), Sergio Rodriguez (8), Rudy Fernandez (3).

90-Baskonia (21+19+23+27 ): Miller McIntyre (13), Costello (10), sidikerskis (9), Marinkovich (20), rozhkavopoulos (9) – five debutants -, diz (3), Howard (12), Kotsar (3), Chioza (8), raisti (3) and Theodore ( -).

Rabitrus: Fernando Rocha (Portugal), Sasa Bokel (Slovenia) and Jakub Zamojski (Poland). Do not eliminate them.

Accidents: The second match of the Euroleague basketball playoff series was played at the WiZink Center in front of 10,688 spectators. At the previous session, Sergio Yue received a commemorative T-shirt with the number 624 in honor of the number of three-pointers that made him the highest scorer of three-point baskets in the history of the EuroLeague.

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