Boxing: Usyk defeats fury and becomes the absolute heavyweight champion


Boxing: Usyk defeats fury and becomes the absolute heavyweight champion

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HAce 25 years old That heavyweight did not have an undisputed Campen, since Lennox Lewis I got it in 1999. The story is now written by Oleksandr Usyk (22-0 ; 14 KOs), who beat Tyson Fury (34-1-1 ; 24 KOs) by split decision (115-112 Usyk , 114-113 fury , 114-113 Usyk) and became The new boxing king. In addition, he has finished with an underdog from his rival.

It is said that the Ukrainian is The first absolute champion of the category reigns in the era of four belts. Therefore, we are facing a milestone , and even more so if we take into account that ‘cat’ He had already carried all the belts when the cruiser weighed. In this sense, he imitates Evander Holyfield, who already at the beginning of his career collected all the world titles as a cruiser and as a heavyweight.

The fight was very interesting. How can a noticeably younger generation get over a man of fury’s size? Apply a lot of intensity to wear down a rival and being smarter than to. You must be quick and set traps to the ‘Gypsy King’. And he did, although it must be said that Fury judged the fight well from the fourth round and from now on he seemed to take it.

Osijek started very well until the ‘Gypsy King’ got a touch in his corner. But In the ninth round everything changed. When the Englishman was coming back and feeling better , the Ukrainian gave a tremendous penalty to his opponent He finished at the end of the round with several very hard left. This literally made the Furious stagger, who after taking several falls around the ring with a rival chasing him, Located against the corner. There was a census and from this moment it was Alexander who wrote the outstanding assaults And he got a well-deserved victory.

Your country is at war and people are standing by you

Tyson Fury (X-Men of the world)

Anger, upset, is already talking about The rematch is in OctoberAlthough he knows very well that they could even stop the fight at nine, and then the bell saved him: “I think they are winning this fight. And I think he won some rounds, but I won most of them. I think we both made a good match, the best we could do. But you know, Your country is at war. People stand with the country in a state of war. Make no mistake, in my opinion, you are winning that battle.”This s…, He did not give a press conference after the fight because he went to the hospital because he may have broken his jaw.

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