Bogachar is also the king of chaos: he wins on the day of the Great Storm with short sleeves


Bogachar is also the king of chaos: he wins on the day of the Great Storm with short sleeves

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EIt’s been windy since dawn. The sky spits with cruelty, pushing what will come next. Messages of all kinds were exchanged at breakfast. The cyclists went to bed thinking of a plan that they realize can change. And the boy I did not change.

Within a few hours, all the scenarios were looked at: stage neutralization, cancellation, changes in the route…. Finally, after several laps and with the riders waiting in the rain in livino, who paid a good amount to host the start of Stage 16, the third of the three possible options was chosen: to start definitively from Lhasa and shorten the stage to 120 kilometers.

The problem was how to get to everyone from LIvino: Both by car and by bicycle. There was also talk of doing a few kilometers in Livigno and then taking the car to cross the tunnel that runs through Switzerland. Finally he left by car for Lhasa, where the day started after 14.30 hours. With the racers eating and changing cars before starting under a gas station, the message of the managers was clear:beware that these stages have a trap.

Before there was, and always with cold and rain , a good stage where hard work stepped out of the way Paso de Beni (23.3 km by 4.7%) and Monte Panna (7.6 km by 6.1%) Which provided the last two kilometers by 12%. Alaphilippe, Piccolo, Ballerini and Maestri And soon they boarded the first convoy of fugitives. They were doing kilometers and adding seconds of advantage always with the attentive Movistar and the leadership of ploten.

Coverage failure

They’re in the mood for salsa. The pace is accelerating on the way to Paso bene. The contestants began to take off the warm layers that were put on as a precaution at the start. Filip accelerates on those first slopes to go solo. When everyone was waiting for an attack from Movistar, with Nero in this blessing, Valentin Barrett Pinter jumped into an exercise that stimulates Pelayo to attack from afar. There were 20 kilometers left to the finish and the telephone staff made several tricks to play at the last port, the last two kilometers of which will make a difference.

Despite being in the mountains, Movistar does not lose coverage. The afternoon seemed pleasant, but inclement weather crept into the team. First it was Nero who stayed on the ladders Paso bene. Then it was Pelayo, who was still ahead, who had a problem with his bike. The UAE, whistling throughout the stage, was presented with another unbeatable opportunity to add a victory to that advantage Lulu It was getting smaller and smaller, even though I had a 40″ advantage.

I started the last port with the UAE without losing options, so the finish looked pink. It is inevitable to think that, in case of readiness, despite the fact that tadeg admitted to the day of rest who will manage the troops, a ‘cannibal’ like him will forgive a chance. “The races will be won,”he warned. That is why, with a deadly 1.3-kilometer attack, the Slovenian claimed another basket. Do not leave the fruit to anyone. The last one with a piece was pinching. One of the United Arab Emirates ate the fifth of the evolution bearing his name.

Classification of Stage 16 of Giro d’italia

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