Bayern-Real Madrid costs three times as much at the Bernabeu as at Allianz


Bayern-Real Madrid costs three times as much at the Bernabeu as at Allianz

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The price of football in Spain and Germany is OS Luz. There is nothing more to check how much it costs to watch the first leg of the Champions League semi-final in Munich between Bayern and Real Madrid and what is worth watching the return a week later at the Santiago Bernabeu.

The same party but at very different prices. The first leg of the semi-final at Allianz on Tuesday ranges from 19 tickets for the most economical ticket (standing behind a goalkeeper) to 150 euros from the most expensive area to watch the visit of Real Madrid. There are also tickets for 70 euros, 100 and 120, which are much higher prices than the 15, 40, 50, 60 and 80 that cost in the best Bundesliga matches.

In Spain, the price of football is much higher than in Germany. Although the purchasing power of a Spaniard is far from that of a German, going to a football field in our country is much more expensive. The best example of this is comparing the cost of going and watching Real Madrid-Bayern at the Bernabeu against Bayern-Real Madrid on Tuesday.

The same prices as before the city

Florentino Perez keeps the same prices against Bayern that he set for the quarter-final against Manchester City and that They range from 125 euros of funds on the fourth runway to 445 from the main one. For members, there are discounts at these prices, but in the end if a fan wants to watch this great match, they will have to scratch their pockets.

Tickets for next week are sold out, so now you can go to Real Madrid-Bayern only if you go to the resale.

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