Barra: the tsunami in can Barra


Barra: the tsunami in can Barra

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APenalties after three weeks of Chafee announced that he was evaluating On the bench in Barcelona with the blessing of the president after the meeting between the two, the relationship again suffered a significant decline. The reason was the statements made by the technician in the run-up to Thursday’s match against Almira. In them, the coach deals with the delicate situation of the club that does not allow him to face the signings he wants.

Xavi: “I am calm and with maximum illusion, as I refer to the president and Deco”

It was a speech Honest and realistic, But she did not sit well at all in the noble part of the club. Laporta has always been distinguished by triumphal demonstrations, despite the bad moment the club is going through, he always promises successes and titles. Xavi has skipped the established script facing, certainly for the first time, the real situation of the club.

Vitor Roque and Real Madrid

They also did not like another part of the statements that he spoke about Vitor Rocchi. The coach said that the Brazilian was not scheduled to arrive at the club in January. And if he doesn’t play, it’s because there are other players in front of him. Here the president sees that he got out of a situation in which he was also responsible because he accepted the signing and founding of Rocky. And I also didn’t like that he said he couldn’t Rivalry against Real Madrid And that what had to be done was to improve. Laporta is disappointed by what he understands to be a lack of ambition.


Change of position

The anger of the gate is great. He does not understand the position of the coach, who a few days ago told him that he was ready to fight for everything next season. The president believes that these two positions do not agree: The person I introduced her to at a personal meeting and with these words she said in front of the media.

Absence in Elmira

Laporta and Deco did not travel to Elmira as they usually do in any exodus. A circumstance that made me doubt that the relationships were really very complicated. The club noted that the president did not travel for Agenda items. Just like the sports director who had personal commitments in Portugal. Interestingly, Rafa ayust did not speak before the match as usual.

Xavi: “before the coach of Barra Decca I want to sign this,this one and this one…”

Xavi stays

“They didn’t tell me anything. The relationship does not change. Everything is normal. I said what I think is true. We are fighting for all the titles and I have ambition and illusion, but the situation is not easy. This does not change our reality. I am very confident that I will be the coach next season. I have the illusion and I still have the honor of being at this club. “I have an ambition to win titles, but the situation is not the best,”the technician said after the Almera match.

There will be no radical measures

Despite the divergence, There will be no consequences. On Thursday it was said that the president is ready to refuse the technique, but this did not occur to Laporta or Deco. They did not like the statements of the technician, but not to that extent. For his part, Xavi said at a press conference that he is sure that he will be the coach next season.

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