Barra: the great signings of Barra are Jaffe, Pedri and Baldi


Barra: the great signings of Barra are Jaffe, Pedri and Baldi

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Those inside the club insist that there will be no big moves in the Barcelona squad during the upcoming market. A couple of tweaks and a little lady. There are two reasons. First of all it is economic. There is no ‘fair play’ and that means tightening belts. The margin of movement is minimal. But there is a second important reason. The portal and sports management believe that Current plan

Tila bargarana is good

And he can compete much better. If he did not do this this season, it was partly due to injuries, and this is not just a coincidence, but also because the group did not get along well and made mistakes in the approach.
Laporta believes that the team is good and that’s why he doesn’t want to make big changes.

Some positions will be changed

And the axis is strengthened above all, which is absolutely necessary, but a little more. If there is a ‘fair play’ they can think about other things, but not with the current situation.

However, Parra ‘ s is going to make three big signings regarding the season that just ended.

The team restores Javi, Baldi and Pedri.

Three exceptional players, debutants and indisputable internationals when they were at the disposal of the coach. There are three players who could not help the team this season. Jaffe practically missed the entire season; even the most important five months of training in which the titles were decided, while Bedri appeared in the scraps due to the injury problem. Even three have suffered all season.
These three football players will be

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From the season this is a significant strengthening of the team. This, as well as the players that can be combined, is already an important plus.

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