Barra: Mourinho rules out Joao Felix


Barra: Mourinho rules out Joao Felix

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EFuture Joao Felix It is one of the most complex issues faced by Barcelona. Club belograna wants a second year of transfer. The Portuguese has always been the right eye of the president who lobbied hard for his arrival and now Hansi Flick is also betting on him to stay. He already liked it when he was the coach of Bayern Munich and is now convinced that he can get good performance from it if he continues the MS season.

Meanwhile, there are rumors about the teams that will be interested in the striker who It is owned by Atletico de Madrid And he will have to say a lot about the fate of the player. One of the clubs with which Joao Felix was associated is Fenerbahce. A few days ago, the Turkish club announced its new coach Jose Mourinho.


Mourinho does not see him in his team

However, the Turkish club will not be the footballer’s destination since the technician ruled out its establishment. Mourinho is looking for an attacking player, but he prefers another type of striker compared to his compatriot, whom he knows well. The two share a Jorge Mendes as actor, Which will always help in hypothetical negotiations, but this is not so because Mourinho is not thinking about signing him.

European Cup trick

Barcelona is still confident that he can count on the striker next season. He knows that he still It’s too early to make decisions And even more so when a loan player and Atletico are the first to take action on this matter. In addition, a European Championship is currently being played, which may be decisive for the value of a football player to rise or fall depending on his performance.

House of Barra

Barcelona is waiting for events. What is clear is that with Flick on the bench An effort will be made for joaflex to survive , which is quite complicated if Xavi herendiZ would have remained on the bench as the former coach put the Portuguese on the list of victims.

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