Barra: Hansi Flick, new coach of Barra


Barra: Hansi Flick, new coach of Barra

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YA is official: Hansi Flick To be the leader of the Irma Bar project for the 24-25 season. The Barcelona This Wednesday confirmed the signing of the German technician, 59 years old. The former German coach signed for two seasons. “Coolers, it’s our time . Forums Bara!”, Were the first German words as a bluegrass coach.

The flick , Who arrived last Tuesday at Ciudad Cundall, To fulfill his desire: to train Bara. Yesterday I landed in Barcelona Early in the morning I drove to a nice hotel in the Catalan capital. In the afternoon, he met with Deco And Sen with a sports cupola headed by Laporta. This morning, at an early hour , he had come to the offices of Camp Nou To sign his new contract. In any case, the presentation will not take place.

The coach never hid his admiration for the institution and this readiness was decisive for reaching an agreement with Barcelona. The negotiations were very Giles. But, in addition , with the previous shaded access of the Bayern Munich, Joan Laporta He also sees one of his aspirations come true. Since He will return to the Catalan entityIn March 2021, he always supported betting on the German Foreign Ministry: Nagelsmann, Tuchel, Klopp, flick… And he succeeded.

Hansi Flick He was without a team, since September he was dismissed from the post of coach Germany. In his career he also highlights his passage through Bayern. With a set of Mnich, The one I directed in the campaigns 19-20 and 20-21, the coach won UEFA Champions League, a The world of clubs, A European Super Cup, Two Bundesliga


The flick He is not alien to all the guys in the clogged locker room , as he drew, for example, Ter Stegen and Gundogan with Germany And a Lewandowski In the Bayern.

The former player is not the first German technician from BarcelonaSince 70, he has had Hennis wessweiler And at the 80 a Udo latik.

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