Barra: eventually from Barra to Porto by Mika FAI: 15 million and before June 30


Barra: eventually from Barra to Porto by Mika FAI: 15 million and before June 30

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Barcelona and Porto We have been negotiating for some time to transfer mEka Vai The Portuguese entity. In recent weeks, several meetings and talks have been held in this regard without reaching an agreement. Bar Orla FC is interested in selling to help balance the entity’s accounts this season, while the Portuguese club is very interested in the central position because it is one of the positions it intends to strengthen in this market.

However, the process is not easy. Like Barcelona, Porto has Many problems of fair play The transfer amount is considered quite high. In addition, it will not be a full-fledged purchase, but part of his rights and always with the option of repurchasing the player by the bar Irma club, which does not want to lose control over the player who spent a great season in the affiliate.

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Limit fair play

Porto are looking for money, but so far they have no money. And Barcelona does not plan to transfer this amount. He set the price at 15 million and from there it does not come down. At one point there was talk about the possibility that Vitor Roque will enter the operation, But this is not possible. The club wants to wait with the Brazilian to see if he has fair play and can register him the next season.

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Closing the balance sheet

In addition, another very important factor comes into play where the time has come. Barcelona is ready to sell Mikel Fay for 15 million, but always Before June 30 When the club closes the balance of the season that is about to end. If Porto want to sign the footballer, they have to do it before next Sunday, which is when the bar Orla club can include the accounting process in this financial year.

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Change of scenery

From Monday the conditions change. The price of 15 million disappears Then there was no longer any wheel for sale. If the operation is not closed before that day, the sports management is clear that the defender will be transferred to the American tour and then they will have to decide what will be done next. If he stays in the first team or they continue with the intention of selling. If it is the latter, then we will have to figure out what price is put on the player.

Other suitors

Porto is not the only club interested in signing Mika Faye. There are The German club and the last of the Prime Minister They are considering paying the 15 million requested by Barcelona. However, their interest is not as strong as that of the Portuguese club and it seems complicated that they can close the operation in five days. Porto are still the best position to sign FAI.

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