Barra: back to the past / Marka


Barra: back to the past / Marka

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El Barcelona He went on vacation this season. With this Saturday’s defeat in Girona that mathematically gave the league to Real Madrid, The year is certified without any title For the Bluegrass. It’s no coincidence. Xavi made a lot of mistakes in many matches and especially in the most important duels. And this was the problem because it gives the feeling that the team was not able to improve and, instead, constantly repeated its failures.

In defense, The equipment is unrecognizable Compared with the one from the previous season. The players don’t look alike. Araujo, cond and Sergi Roberto made a lot of mistakes at monteleafe. From placement and in passes. Something unheard of before. But she was not only in this match, but she has been repeating herself all year. Solutions have not been found or if they are found they are not reflected in this area. Araujo already makes mistakes in matches like PSG or Valencia.

At the offensive level The team does not have the effectiveness We need a team like Barcelona. There are individual mistakes at the time of the shot, but there are many others such as poor selection when facing plays and poor positioning in attack. In many matches, there is a feeling that players prefer to play for themselves, and not for the benefit of the team.


Mental failure

He has been seen in many matches that These decisions were not the right decisions. This ultimately means that the matches are not closed in time, something that has happened several times this season. It is not possible to end the engagement and the rival goes into battle later.

And this is the other place of problems that haunt the team as it is The lack of mentality that the players have. Against Girona a mistake was made because he was fitting too fast. First after Christensen’s goal because one minute later McHale’s goal was tied. 2-3 also came a moment after the two-way tie. The team should know how to control matches in those moments and not feel overwhelmed.

Xavi: “in the last 20 minutes , we were not at the level required to be a para player

I’m working now and next year

At many points during the season, he was seen as The opponent scores a goal and immediately gets another. This happened Saturday, but also in the last moments of the confrontation against Villarreal in montjuac that ended with a score of 3-5 and led to Xavi’s announcement that he was leaving on June 30th. All these issues are the ones that Xavi and the team have to work on. Not only for the remaining four matches, but for the next campaign.

What is clear is that the message that coachesAR is not just reaching out to his players. It is true that it is a very small squad, but mistakes are often made by the veteran Ms.

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