Barra: Alex Jarka: between Barra and Leverkusen and the dream of choice


Barra: Alex Jarka: between Barra and Leverkusen and the dream of choice

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A At the end of the season, despite the fact that nothing is at stake, the players have already begun to determine their future. One of them is Alex Garka He has had an excellent campaign in Girona and is in demand by many clubs. One of them is Barcelona. The Irma bar club is urgently looking for a pivot for the upcoming workout after the bet on Oriol Romeo did not go well.

The Girona midfielder is loved in can Para, by the sports administration and Xavi. And they have been following him for a long time. However, not being an easy signing since The market price is now more than 20 million. And everyone knows the economic problems that Barcelona is facing at the moment. Deco quirks several names for this post and one of them is that of Girona.

Dream of the European Cup

The sporting director knows that it is a high price to pay for the status of the club. And this price can be increased if Alex Jarka is called up by Luis de la Fuente for the upcoming European Championship. If that’s as…, Your cache will be able to climb Which complicates his possible move to Barcelona. You will know the list in a few days.


Belograna is not the only club that has set its sights on the Girona midfielder. The Bayer Leverkusen De Xabi Alonso and the Germans were also noted as an economically strong enough club to sign a football player. Other clubs such as Sevilla and Betis also thought about the football player, but his price is too high for them.

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