Bara: bara speeds up by video


Bara: bara speeds up by video

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EThis week begins Barcelona 24.25 and the first decision to be announced by the Irma bar club is the arrival of Hansi Flick.The entity accelerated negotiations in order to integrate the German technique. The intention of the enterprise is to close the operation as soon as possible and, if possible, to completely end it this week. In fact, the former Chosen One will be able to fly to Barcelona in the coming hours.

The talks are in their final stretch and, in fact, the former German selector is expected in the coming hours to Barcelona To terminate the closure and sign the entire entente. So, it is not excluded that he will land this very Monday in Ciudad Cundall. The intention is that the official presentation will be this very week, and therefore the relief on the bench will not be delayed.

The readiness of the coach to sign with the club was decisive both in the talks, which were very difficult, and in the imminent agreement. Expanded from Bayern Munich He has already been in contact with the club and everything came to a head last week. Even, Laporta Did not wait until the end of the season, yesterday against Seville, And sis a Chaffee Friday.

Xavi’s farewell video to the Barcelona fanXavi Hernandez


Hansi Flick, Therefore, access to Barcelona In the next few hours, the main lines of the team should be marked for 24-25. With the catalog out, some folders that had seemed closed were reopened. In any case, the first thing is that the entity reaches an agreement with the former German selector.

Be the first German adventure in Liga. Neither as a coach nor as a player he was active in Spain. In principle, the club will agree on a short contract with The flick. The next few hours will be fundamental to find out all the details.

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