Bagnaya, he was punished for a fight with ochliks M. ochriks: “he’s a good showman”


Bagnaya, he was punished for a fight with ochliks M. ochriks: “he’s a good showman”

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TOdo looked under control for Pico Bagnaia At the Italian Grand Prix after a great Friday, where he took first place and set a long distance from the rest. However, at the last stage of Practice, ‘1’ was involved in Lance with Alex Marquez Who was Punished with three grid positions.

One in grissini was forcing a lap when He ran into one with the official Ducati At Turn 12. The person from Cervera angrily complained that PICO had spoiled the role, because he had to be cut. For his part, the reigning champion quickly went to the pits to change tires. The hosts opened an investigation and decided to punish de chivaso.

Even before learning about the verdict, the two could not agree on the procedure. The turinians were critical of the Catalan gestures. “As usual. You’re out of line, braking. But, As always, he is a good showman.. He did everything Those gestures on the bike ; of which there is no useThey just put on a show, ” he joked.

Alex’s version

For his part, the two-time Spanish champion had another point of view when explaining everything. “I was coming in a good lap, partially improving; he was going slowly, already from the second sector I saw him right in front of me, because I was holding him. It was very slow, but I was hoping that he would turn around at some point, in arabiata 2 I was hoping that he would get out of the way, but His plan was not to look back, Because he was preparing for his return, I think. And I got into the Ducati corner, I found him there in the middle, in a very dangerous situation, which, fortunately, I managed to avoid. Then he went to the box. He was in the middle, completely, and had a super early brake. If he does not want to see reality, then this is his problem.”, He’s fierce.

One of the Cervera did not pronounce on whether there should be a punishment. “Since it’s not in my hands, it’s not something that worries me too much,”he said.

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