Atletico Madrid: tevinet rises with El Cholo and Fernando Torres considering Leo Franco for his subsidiary


Atletico Madrid: tevinet rises with El Cholo and Fernando Torres considering Leo Franco for his subsidiary

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LA major renovation is planned in Atletico Looking ahead to the next season, he also has signs of influencing the bench for the first and second teams. Tevenet, Which counts his previous two seasons by promotions (From the third to the first) Before signing on a loose period, he aims for the third place in a row: no more and no less than To the artistic body of Simeone. The best possible way for the Sevilla coach taking into account the idea that the club has already been thinking for months: promotion too Fernando Torres From youth to affiliate.

With the New, Who last Sunday crowned his third season in youth lifting Champions Cup (The double occurs for the empty year of last year and for the league he raised two years ago, when he also managed to qualify for the final four of the youth league with Neighborhoods At the helm of the leadership), pushing his goal of making a career on the sidelines , Atlantico’s decision to hand over the keys to the subsidiary and begin to form a potential heir to Cholo In the future, it necessitated a careful decision, because tivinet’s work could not have been better.

Hence, the rojiblanco club also thought over the formula so that Sevilla took the award during three campaigns and, in addition to saving the affiliate from hell to put it at the gates of professional football (he will celebrate 199 goals along the way), he was fundamental in the formation of football players who recently made their debut in the first team: Subs: Barrios, Juliano, Carlos Martin , Kostis , Gomes, Salem

Thus, the idea of the Atlas happened to be incorporated into the artistic body of Simeone within the conviction reached at the Metropolitan missions To strengthen the club at all levels. In this sense, once his work as a coach is adopted, his landing is an injection of knowledge and resources for Cholo always open to improvement.

Tevinet’s sincere call for promotion to Atletico B

In fact, the strengthening of the technical staff will also be extended to the second team, where Fernando Torres will also join new faces for the number of his assistants to face the season, after the high list left by tevinet, atleko plans to form an ambitious project of the subsidiary. Specifically, the child’s desire for his new adventure is to integrate Leo Franco (With whom she has already shared a dressing room, with Simeone, in his first phase of football at Atletico) who, although ephemeral, already has First-class experience After directing Huesca In eight games.

Luis piedo replaces the teacher

In addition to tevinit, he also made the leap from affiliate to the first team Luis piedo, To reach to cover the gap left by the exit Teacher Ortega. A man from home who, after more than a decade of working in the club and rising through all categories The Academy, Becoming the maximum responsible for the physical preparation of the athlete. Therefore, the idea that is dealt with in the club is that when you land at Lite, you arrive accompanied by two people of your trust: Roberto Aviles, Who was already part of his group in the second team, and another assistant with experience in other clubs.

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