Atletico Madrid: Simeone: “we managed to reverse the situation from which many thought we would not get up”


Atletico Madrid: Simeone: “we managed to reverse the situation from which many thought we would not get up”

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Simeone Analysis of the current state of Atletico Before the match against Osasuna This Sunday at Civitas Metropolitano.

UEFA Champions League qualification

“I can’t put myself in the minds of others, I evaluate these years, a great job has been done to make football players allow us to compete for what we are competing for. Sometimes we can go out camping and others we compete to get to the place we want. In this case, there is an important community of arrival of small footballs and we’ll see how it goes.”

Goalkeeper to zero

“We always talk about it from the system. Zero gives you the possibility of winning, every game we work for that. Let’s see if we can maintain this line tomorrow, the last few matches in which we have been competing well. I can imagine a match similar to the previous one.”


“I have a feeling that all football players have moments. Recently we talked about Griezmann, who does not seem to be turning. Farrow until February was in very good shape and during a complicated time. Korea, on the contrary and that’s what it’s about, taking advantage of every player’s moments and Korea is doing great now and that’s why he’s playing.”

A complicated season

“We were very close to playing some finals, like in the cup. Then the Borussia match and the Saudi Super Cup. The team competed well, but we didn’t have the strength to play the final, that’s the truth. But we managed to reverse the situation that many people thought that we would not be able to get up after Dortmund. With the hard work and great responsibility of the players, we are heading towards the Champions League and we will see how far we can go.”


“He’s expecting, he’s young. He had to play like Gawler in Madrid or rocky in Barcelona. We have to wait for the moment we can find. Let’s see if in these remaining matches he can bring what he has to the team.”

Things to improve

“We talked about it internally. It is clear what work we are looking for and doing. I repeat, Real Sociedad is growing, athletic is winning the cup.. We are now 11 points ahead of Bilbao, who many people thought would finish fourth. Girona are two points behind and have had a great season. We have to improve for next season.”

UEFA Champions League qualification

“The match in the morning gives us three points and we will try to play with the players who we think will be able to better represent the game . The quarters we went out in the first year we arrived, we were at 16 points when we arrived and little by little. Malaga was playing with Betis. We have to win and obviously Girona will have to show what they have shown this season, which is unusual, and now we have two points.”

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