Atletico Madrid: Simeone : “I am the first one who wants to leave Campine”


Atletico Madrid: Simeone : “I am the first one who wants to leave Campine”

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Cholo Simeoni Triumph analysis Atletico Before Getafe In the Coliseum Alfonso Prez.

Qualification for the Champions League and season assessment

“It is always a positive assessment of the work of the players, technical staff and everyone who works around the team. Achieve the main goals, stay in the Champions League and keep growing.”

Griezmann and the goalkeepers to zero

“We have worked well as a team, we have improved and the team understands what needs to be done in every match and that makes you grow. If you go to the numbers of all the teams that get the fewest goals, they are the closest to winning. We have to improve that plot, we have had it for many years, we recovered it and hopefully we will get it to the end.”

Look at the milliseconds above

“If you don’t appreciate what you do, you don’t get better, others never appreciate you. I really appreciate what we do, what the players generate for the growth of the club, so that the best players come, to continue to compete… And then there are the other teams, which are very good. I think we did well in the Cup, we needed to compete to be in the match we wanted and in the Champions League we were good at home. But we appreciate the work, it seems easy but it is not easy year after year to be, in principle, among the four.”


“The people who have to deal with it should interpret it in the best way. There is also comfort and everything adds up. There is also a TV that manages its relevance.”

Note for the season

“I don’t know what we are holding on to. The season must end first. We can discuss whether it is unusual, good or regular.”

Failure at crucial moments

“We didn’t have the strength we should have had in the home games with Bilbao and with Borussia. We had opportunities to make it happen and it didn’t happen.”

A message to those who say that the season is not good

“I want to go camping more than anyone, I work with a tremendous illusion of inflating the balloon in the best way but sometimes it punctures. We fought against others, Madrid got us 22 points. Barcelona have three or six. We got to the semifinals of the Cup, we got to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Let’s appreciate what we have, I’m the first one who wants to be a champion, it’s not easy to win.”


“I met him in the elevator going to talk. I asked him how he was and he said very well. She showed, when he plays well, more goals, hierarchy, fluency with the ball. But also today the Central, de Paul, Marcos, Barrios… There were very good offers.”

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