Atletico Madrid: Samu is not for sale


Atletico Madrid: Samu is not for sale

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Samu Omorodion It’s not for sale. As of a sharp show from the offices of Civitas Metropolitano When they talk about the young Melilla striker. In the Atletico de Madrid They don’t even think about letting one of the greatest pearls of Spanish football go. They see the striker as one of the most anticipated points on the continent and do not want to talk about numbers. Not 30 or 40 million. The potential of a football player can be much more and the 20-year-old will continue to be tied to the mattress set next season. It is true that clubs Premier League It is Serie A-Italian Premier League They were interested in the football player, but despite not offering such high amounts for , the fact is that in Atletico They want him to fulfill the remaining four years of his contract.

After signing the Samu Omorodion For six million euros last summer when the striker played only one match in Liga He had scored a goal in Civitas Metropolitano, The sports administration does not think to let a boy escape who scored nine goals in 35 matches played during his first season in light Football.

With 1.93 meters, the speed, strength and sophistication of the game seen during his time in Thousands, International with Under-21 charges, and a lot, for Atletico de Madrid.

Pre-season and decision

At the moment, the idea that a set of mattresses with a football player is that he does pre-season on the orders of Cholo Simeoni Then he decides whether to go out on loan or not, but he will never leave the transferred club. That’s the picture, this plan to train together with colleagues from Atletico There may be a significant change due to Samu Being in Pars games To the orders of Santi Denia. Manchego has a front that will tend to Abel Ruiz As a starting striker and Samu To focus on July 1 with the national team in Las Rosas. If all goes well, the Olympiacos tournament ends on August 9, a week before the start Liga. Therefore, it will be difficult to make a decision during the pre-season.

Therefore, it remains only to wait if Samu To be on the orders of Cholo This campaign or the next campaign.

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