Atletico Madrid: Morata, full support


Atletico Madrid: Morata, full support

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NOr transit For Alvaro Morata The best moment of the season. Although his outburst was brutal and he got to rub shoulders with the best strikers in Europe, the last few months have turned his situation around 180 degrees. By ah means the bad line he goes through (a goal at the last 18 duelsAnd here’s the most important thing, since all levels of the entity have come out to give him their support.

The dearest in the dressing room to temper up with everyone , highlights that between 19 and cook They are the first to always open the door to newcomers. Either from outside Atletico or from youth teams that break into the first team. Among the last ones (although I left on loan for mirands and Girona) stand out Rodrigo Riquelme.

Is that RoRo did not explode at Diana’s celebration of him in Mallorca (In the end I ended up giving the three points to Rojiblancos) with a sincere hug with Morata, who was waiting for his chance among the substitutes. The young striker explained that he had already promised to allocate a goal to him before… Although the explanation for the dedication came They are Moix. “My family and I are very grateful to Faro for helping me. As much as I can help him , he knows that I’m here for anything, ” he commented on the 23rd, putting a value The importance of Morata in the booth.

Simeone is grateful to Morata: “he makes a great effort”

Support from Simeone

It is not only comrades who support the 19th without fail. The Simeone himself, Besides the occasional anger at changes or substitutions, he always had a message from Carew to LaFaro: “everyone needs this emotional attitude at a certain moment. Some of them in a more frequent way,” the Argentine commented before insisting on countless occasions: “we need the best Morata.”

Ah persuaded him to continue last summer in that already Clipper nclave from Sale who Cholo and Gustavo lippez They explained to him the importance that he was going to have. There was full support, as noted from the Korean capital, for a special football player for his participation and high self-demand. The same thing that now opens the door for him to get out again even though Carew is being held in all real estate.

But this generalized equalization towards the International goes beyond the team and the technical body. There are not a few within the entity who worship the restorative character and Grunt for Farrow, Which is often the antithesis of other players with much less humility and worse ways. Hence the phrase “he is the best in Dava-DA” is common when talking about madrileo.

Bad line, doubts about continuity and illness

They all know the importance of Morata, his bad line, his doubts about whether to follow or accept an exciting offer rabi and how bad he is with this additional illness that has prevented him from the title in the last few matches. And this is “Trigeminal neuralgia” It does not make him in the best shape due to pain in the area of the upper jaw, lower jaw and eye

Treatment from the European Cup

To overcome all this in addition to supporting their institution The next European Cup. With larukha, he also had a hard time at some moments, but now he is the undisputed 9th and the leader of a group that dreamed of reissuing the successes of 2008 and 2012. Thus, the appointment of Germany will be quite a cure for Morata who has full support in sports. He won it.

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