Atletico Madrid: Metropolitano, set to host the 2028 Champions League final


Atletico Madrid: Metropolitano, set to host the 2028 Champions League final

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El Civitas Metropolitano It is in a very good position to house 2028 UEFA Champions League final. The big game of the Old Continent can be held in the brand new stadium of Atletico You already know what it’s like to organize an event of this magnitude… And also to do it successfully.

It is the one that was opened in 2017, and the capital has already paid attention to being the stage that Liverpool got the great Klopp in 2019 Finally the long-awaited oregona. He did it against Tottenham and despite the huge influx of the English public from both teams, the event was a great organizational success… And a source of income for Madrid.

The old Atletico Shield is already on the Metropolitan banner

The capital of Spain, in addition to the aforementioned 2019, has organized the decisive event of the old European Cup or the current Champions League up to four times, over the years 1957, 1969, 1980 and 2010. However, Santiago Bernabeu has always been the chosen place. As it stands, the sixth final in Madrid could lead to a metropolitan repeat for the second time.

Budapest, in 2026

UEFA has already announced that Budapest To be the site to host the final of the 2026, While in the next edition, the 24-25, to be Allianz Maniche Who celebrates the big date. For 2027, it is expected that it will be in September when the headquarters will be set waiting for Milne to present his reform plan to the San Siro.

It will be the next year, in 2028, when the Metropolitan will have his chance. Basically, because of the pleasant sensations that European Football Confederation Celebrate the 2019 edition, something whose leaders do not fail to remind their Atletico counterparts at every Champions League draw. In the same way, the maximum European Organization has also been no stranger to the expansion in capacity that Atletico is doing that allows it to gather 70,460 spectators. Without forgetting that it is one of the Five-Star places on the continent.

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