Atletico de Madrid: Atletico looks at Pichichi: Sorloth and dovbek are 9 favorites


Atletico de Madrid: Atletico looks at Pichichi: Sorloth and dovbek are 9 favorites

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Alexander Sorloth and Artem dovbek. Norwegian and Ukrainian. 28 and 26 years old. From Villarreal and Girona. The top scorers of Liga With 23 and 21 goals. Namely, the goals Atletico To strengthen the attack he has to suffer an earthquake (not being the only demarcation he suffers from) for the upcoming exercise.

Output Memphis and Morata This summer (the Low passes He is one of the Chosen Ones to leave despite the fact that he has one year left on his contract and the Spaniards are unclear about his continuity) leading the sports direction he heads Andrea Berta Sign on 9. The chosen ones are in LigaSomething essential to facilitate his adaptation to a club Metropolitan.

Both also lead large campaigns. It shows that she is leading the table from Pichichi Before most famous players such as Lewandowski, Vinicius Or special Griezmann, Which in his case confirmed the continuity of the orders of Simeoni.

A show against Madrid

In the case of Sorloth His current name is due to the four goals he scored against MadridBut he’s an old acquaintance Liga Where he was already active in Real Sociedad. At the age of 28, his pilgrimage was performed through his various bands for the army in Leipzig, Crystal Palace, Trabzonspor and Gent, Among others.

A career full of goals but not with 23 goals and six assists that he signs on a course where he did not care about irregularity Villareal, Although it was with the arrival of Marceline When I made a qualitative leap scoring for touch Pichichi With your fingers. Something has caught the eye in Atletico Who has been following him for the past few weeks.

Ukrainian revelations

In the case of Dovbek It is understood that his appearance on the rojiblanca agenda is a revelation striker of the tournament. Arrived from Dnipro His performances have resulted in Girona He managed to take the third place in large part thanks to the strength of the burly Ukrainian striker (189 cm). Something does not prevent him from being a good striker as evidenced by the 7 assists he joins in his 21 goals.

Be that as it may , both have a valid contract and will have to negotiate with Villarreal and Girona. The Catalans paid a little less than 8 kilograms to the Ukrainians while those Castellen They paid 10 to the Norwegian. Figures that will be significantly exceeded when Atletico Two players are thrown in who are fighting Pichichi And they might end up playing in Metropolitan.

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