Athletics: mahuchek flies over 2.10 meters and breaks Kostadinova’s record after 37 years!


Athletics: mahuchek flies over 2.10 meters and breaks Kostadinova’s record after 37 years!

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LTo the Ukrainian Yaroslava mahuchek He shone at the Paris meeting, the eighth round of the Diamond League, with One of those world records that breaks a legendary barrier , in this case 2.10 meters. Thus he hit the Ukrainian historical record Stefka Kostadinova. Bulgarian He won the 1987 World Cup in Rome with a score of 2.09, The height of that She has been the best woman in the world for almost 37 years.

Mahuchi, Olympic bronze medalist at Tokyo 2020 and world champion last year in Budapest, She started her competition by beating the previous bar for a distance of 1.92 meters. Already over 1.95 he needed two attempts and then passed the first 1.98.

Ukrainian can take a second with 2.01 and 2.03, the height at which she stood alone after the three failures of the Australian Nicola oleslagers. At that time, Mahocek ordered 2.07, which is more than one centimeter from his personal best, Pass the tape to the second with some margin.

It’s time to hit ante and whatcheck asked Those 2.10 that other legends of female height such as the Swedish kagsa Bergqvist, or the Croatian Blanka Vlasic could not cope with, Second place so far in the all-time world ranking with a score of 2.08.

The 22-year-old Ukrainian was shaving as she arched her slender body (1,80) To overtake the crossbar on his first attempt, he burst with joy to get a record that very few, if not anyone, relied on at the Charles ormetti Stadium in the capital of Gaul.

“When I started this competition, I had a feeling that I could jump 2.07 meters and maybe 2.10. Finally, Ukraine was included in the history of World Athletics“, Mahoczek announced on the same track after his world record.

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