Athlete: Dani Jarka from Rojiblanco… But in Greece


Athlete: Dani Jarka from Rojiblanco… But in Greece

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The athlete said ‘wages’ for three footballers at the end of the 2023-24 campaign, All of them with some significance in the last campaigns of the red-white Division. We are talking about RAL Jarka, Iker Munian and Danny Jarka, Footballers who have a lot of weight both on the green and in the dressing room and who have decided to follow their way away from Lezama.

RAL Garka decided to hang shoes He put an end to his long career with Osasuna , Atletico de Madrid and athletic club after he became The third player who has achieved the most matches in the history of the Liga With 609 duels.

However, The other two are still active. And today we learned the fate of Danny Garka. Midfielder Zumaraga He sets off for Greece to join the ranks of another red and white team, Jose Luis mendelibar’s Olympiacos. A choice that pleased Garka from the very first moment and ended up as soon as the footballer’s contract with athletic expired. You will again meet with a coach with wonderful moments Vivi, Both coincided at Eibar being key in the first seasons for the Armero team in the Primero.

Dani Garka lands at Team Kampen, All of the Piraeus Kampen were declared to UEFA Futsal Conference League Last year they defeated Fiorentina in the final, but they face the referee’s challenge again in the domestic championship after two seasons of vacation. Without a doubt, a nice experience to face the end of his career.

For his part, It remains only to find out the fate of the captain so far, Iker monyan, That he has various options to continue his path, but at the moment he has not decided on his future.

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